Saturday, October 29, 2016

Farm Shop Tour ~

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Today is the day for sharing some photos I've gathered together
of my little shop & studio located here on our farm!

Once upon a time this old building (over 100 years old) 
was a carriage style garage and chicken coop...

In 2006, my kind husband completely remodeled this 
leaning old building...a true labor of love!

On a separate post I'll have to share before'd 
be truly amazed at the transformation!

A pair of pottery fence post crows proudly keep
an ever watchful eye on things!

I feel so blessed to have a nice cozy work shop to 
call my own...just a short walk from the old farmhouse!

Every autumn pottery owls line up...looking out at the 
farmhouse & watching for visitors to pull into the driveway!

This side of the old farmhouse is really starting to show its age!

The old brick is in much need of tuck pointing
 (repair of the mortar joints.)

Marigold's that don't want to say good bye to summer,
surrounded by little pumpkin friends!

A wheelbarrow full of free little volunteer pumpkins 
and gourds from our ditch behind the barn!

Welcome to my farm shop, when you walk in the door
directly to the right is a guest book table with a jar
 of candy corns and guest chair for husbands!

Check out counter and matching cutting counter
were custom made by my talented husband!

Antiques sewing tools and baskets are for sale 
throughout the shop!

Hand carved crows also made by that husband of mine,
 keep an every watchful eye on that jar of candy corns!

With the door closed, to the left, hangs finished samplers
and owls all for sale!

Next, is an electric fireplace that keeps my shop toasty warm!
Surrounded by antique spinning wheel, click winder, 
yarn winder, sewing box and heavy iron ram!

All kinds of old goodies on top of the fireplace!

The two windows on this side of the shop look out to
County Road B...the road we live on!

The big red bowl on the chair has scrap pieces
of miscellaneous linen for sale. 

A broader view of the shop from the front door!
Baskets in the curved glass cabinet are
 not for sale...for display only!

Lots of hard to find antique sewing boxes are for sale!

This old cabinet holds AVAS Silk thread...full line is available!
Spinner racks hold Weeks Dye Works , Gentle Art 
and Classic Colorworks threads!

Full line of DMC cotton thread (made in France.)

This area is directly in the center of the shop!

Center table displays the full line of my 
patterns...Scattered Seed Samplers!

Behind my patterns facing the front door are more
antique sewing stands for sale!

Full line of Anchor cotton thread (made in Germany.)
Gloriana Silk in the spool cabinet on top of Anchor cabinet, 
and full line of NPS Needlepoint Silk in the spool cabinet 
over by the window to the right of the spinner racks.

On the other side of the center display table are
patterns by other popular designers!

Many out of print charts by Blackbird Designs,
Birds of a Feather, Prairie Schooler and 
many others!

Miscellaneous patterns and kits. 

The cabinet of drawers to the left holds balls of Valdani thread,
drawers on top hold DMC pearl cottons and full line of Dinky Dyes.
Center shelf offers, pinkeep fillers, linens and books.

This antique "Chicago" display cabinet holds many
of my small Scattered Seed Sampler models. 

Many of these are club models from...
The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club,
Humble Hare Handwork Club, and
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club.

Most of these patterns are available in my 
Etsy Shop!

This antique needlepoint firescreen is my little
privacy door that looks into my Studio area!

This half shows my desk area...there's another half
which is my shipping & supply area, but it's still a mess 
until I finish re~organizing it!

Sorry for the long post...hope you enjoyed the shop tour!
If you have any questions or saw something that
interested you...I do mail orders!

Email me at

Open every Saturday 10~5
Call ahead for any other day (608) 799~4418

Here is a little map for out of town friends...

The big black star represents the location
of Scattered Seed Samplers Farm Shop!

Off of I~90 take Exit 12 ~West Salem,
turn Right onto County Road C (in front of BP Gas Station),
go 1 mile to stop sign, 
turn Left onto County Road M,
go 1 mile turn Right onto County Road B....

W4253 County Road B
(608) 799~4418

I look forward to meeting needlefolk friends
near and far!


Weekend Soul Food...

"I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth me."

Philippians 4:13...KJV


Kindly, Tammy


  1. Congratulations on your shop! It looks gorgeous! I saw you note about having some Birds of a Feather charts and was wondering if you have Poor Jack? Thanks, Gloria

  2. Thank you for the tour! I didn't realize that you had a store and I would love to come visit some day. I love the antique sewing boxes! And I am always looking for oop patterns too-especially samplers. Your shop is so inviting looking.

  3. OOhhh! - Now that is my idea of Heaven. What a wonderful collection of everything that floats my boat! I've made one of your pinkeeps, I suppose it is a start! Wish I lived nearer - i'm in the UK! Thank you for the pictures though. I'm going to look at them again xx

  4. I so enjoyed a peep into your shop....Its a wonderland for me. I just want and want everything.
    You have worked very hard..collecting items and working your designs deserve lots of success
    with your shop.....and best of all a great husband helping you.....if only I could visit.
    Thankyou for showing me around......I will be looking much to see, here in the U.K. nothing like it.

  5. Your shop looks fantastic!
    Love all of your collections, etc.
    I like the fact that you carry a lot of different threads for sale.
    You've all worked very hard to make it what it is, a warm, cozy shop.
    I can't wait to visit!

  6. your shop is beautiful! how i would love to visit. i miss having a LNS!

  7. What a darling shop! Now, if only I could convince my husband to drive from Kentucky to Wisconsin.

  8. Oh, I am just drooling Tammy! Your shop is just beautiful! It just looks full of love and joy and would be a thrill for anyone to be able to see...someday I hope to get there!!

  9. My goodness! What a wonderful shop! I would love to be able to spend about a week in there! Wish I lived close enough and had about a 'zillion' dollars!

  10. What a charming shop! One day I hope to visit your shop and meet you!

  11. What a beautiful shop. I could live in there. Thanks for sharing

  12. so wished I was closer! just so beautiful ~

  13. Oh my gosh!! Such beauty under one roof!! and your husband did a magnificent job!! I am going to have to make a trip to Wisconsin in the near future!!

  14. The three of you did excellent work. The shop is beautiful.

  15. Wow, congratulations! What a fantastic shop, If I ever make it to Wisconsin I'm there! Best wishes on your venture and to your husband to, he's a great craftsman . Enjoy Mel

  16. Oh,Tammy, what a gorgeous shop! Since you can't mail the shop to me I guess I'll have to add it to my bucket list. 😄

  17. How I'd love to live closer and be able to stop in often! You are a lucky lady, Tammy! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  18. Hi Tammy,
    Your shop is so inviting filled with lots of inspiration too. How I wished I lived closer. It would be one of my 'happy hangouts'. Love so much of what you have to share, especially those large bunnies that greet you at the entrance. They are awesome and I am very partial to rabbits, bunnies, etc.
    Of course, 'CONGRATULATIONS' on your shop...It is a winner in my book.

    Enjoy the day, with Peace for all,

  19. Tammy,
    Your shop is beautiful. I wish you much success. How I wish I were closer.
    You do have a talented hubby.
    Hugs :)

  20. WOW! The shop and every single thing inside of it is a feast for the eyes. I could spend hours in there just looking at all your great stuff! It is fortuitous that I stopped in today because, even as I type this, my husband is up in our huge barn,transforming 1/3 of it to be my new studio/shop. You have inspired me to no end with your superb Curiosity shop, chock full of wonderful-ness!
    Now, I must examine your photos more thoroughly, what fun!

  21. It would be just a treat for me to see the entire thread lines you carry. The rest is just icing on the cake:) I love all of your bird themed patterns and your owl figures are awesome. Wish I lived closer to visit.

  22. Your shop looks beautiful !!!!!

  23. What a remarkable shop. So many items! The cabinets and displays are so wonderful. Wisconsin is quite a detour off I80 in PA and maybe one day you will consider a one day a month online offer! Best wishes for your shop.

  24. Wow, Beautiful! I love all of the antiques. I love your husbands Crows.

  25. Oh Tammy, I am over the moon happy for you! I will pray for your success because whatever you do I know you represent the love of Jesus! This store is just perfect. Oh how I wish I lived closer!! I will continue to pray for and follow your success in this endeavor!

  26. Hi Tammy,
    What a beautiful shop, filled with so many wonderful treasures!!! Congratulations to you and your hubby for all the hard work and talent!! I wish I lived closer so that I could truly enjoy it in person!!! Wishing you much success and joy as you launch this endeavor!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  27. Such a Beautiful shop - looks like I might have to plan a road trip some day 😊

  28. It's like walking in a fairy dream!! Wish I was closer. Gives my own shop dreams new inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share in such detail.

  29. Beautiful shop! Thank you for taking the time to share your shop with us.

  30. What wonderful eye candy! Everything looks great. Wished I lived near you.


  31. Oh My Goodness! Your shop is WONDERFUL! A combination needlework shop/museum, my kind of shop that I could spend all day in! Living in Cincinnati OH, I have to special order AVAS, Glorianna, and Needlepoint silk from my LNS, or go online. Will definitely put you on my list of places to visit in the spring, when the weather warms up a little. Hubby is a warm weather person. :-)

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