Friday, February 17, 2017

Miss Fanny Mae...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

What a gorgeous day, temps in the 60°s...
hope you're enjoying warmer weather also!

On Thursday I finished stitching the model for
The Early Maiden Workbasket Club, 
how about a little sneak peek...

I have a special finishing in mind, 
but first I must go fabric shopping for
just the right backing!

Will reveal the finished model 
sometime next week!

(click on Maiden for membership details)


With Spring officially only 31 days away,
rabbits are leaping for joy here on the farm!

Old cast iron rabbits grace the Studio's display window
offering a warm welcome to all visitors!

In between the two white rabbits sits a black 
rabbit, which is harder to see because of the lighting.

Last week I heard something rustling in the bushes 
directly under the display window while opening
up the my surprise I discovered a 
mama rabbit nesting!

The white arrow in the photo is pointing to
her bunny butt that is pushed up against the Studio I've decided to name her
"Fanny Mae"! 

It is such a coincidence how she located her
nest directly below the "Rabbit Crossing" sign
hanging in the display window!

A bunny nest is a scraping (small depression)
in the ground, which is what Fanny Mae
 has made while she waits to 
have her babies!

I've been talking to her every day...she doesn't
mind me chatting with her and my voice
has become familiar to her!


I've started my spring cleaning,
and was delighted to find a couple of 
forgotten goodies...

An old leather journal that belonged
to my grandmother and a locket style

I was literally speechless when I opened 
an old box and discovered the locket resting

The clasp is still in good working condition!

Now, I've been picking my brain to find
just the right small memento to place inside! 


Hip hip hooray, the warm weather has
melted all the snow...even some patches of
green grass here and there! 


Farm Shop
Will Be Open On Saturday...

10:00 ~ 3:00

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

Please don't hesitate to call if Saturday
doesn't work for you...always happy to accommodate!


Weekend Soul Food...

Draw nigh to God,
and he will draw night to you.

James 4:8...KJV


Wishing you all a wonderful & relaxing weekend!
Kindly, Tammy


  1. All of the Bunnies ion the window are so cute.
    I hope Fanny Mae is weel-protected there.
    What a great old journal, and a treasure of a necklace, love the hand clasp.

  2. Do you have a cast iron rabbit cake mold? Hubby collects cast iron, and we searched the markets for several years before finding one. You are so fortunate to have your grandmother's journal! Thanks for the sneak peek at Early Maiden's Handwork club, it looks wonderful and I'm looking forward to receiving my kit in the mail!