Friday, February 10, 2017

The Color Red...

☙♥❧  Welcome dear needlefolk friends!  ☙♥❧

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful week, 
my was spent in the Studio working
on the new club design for ~

The Early Maiden Workbasket...

I'm happy to say the design is all charted,
and I'm trying to decide on which 
linen and threads to go with!

(click on maiden to join the club)

I'm looking forward to starting the model
this weekend, and sharing some sneak
peeks with you next week!


February, such a special month filled with
love, kindness and sweet sentiments!


Sharing with you are some of my favorite
things that are near and dear
to me here in the studio...

Old milk glass hands, 
some inherited from my grandmother
and others that were just acquired 
over the years! 

I'm especially fond of this
old heart & hand bottle opener!

Faded red...perfectly worn with age!

These old "Make~Do" pinkeeps are
sooo lovely to look upon!

I have a very big soft spot in my heart 
for tomato & strawberry pinkeeps!

I'm on a mission to rescue old
tattered ones that are looking for a
good home! 

They are getting harder and 
harder to find, but my eyes are 
always on the lookout!

No two are alike, 
and each and every one is
so special!

True beauty in such simple things!


I love when my son Sam emails me some
of his favorite photos...

His pictures were taken in the 
Cashton, Wisconsin countryside on 
an early foggy morning!

Piles of logs on an Amish farm!

Weathered old barn!

Love this rustic!

Thank you Sam for sharing your pics!


Farm Shop
Will Be Open On Saturday

10:00 ~ 3:00

Our Farm Shop is located at ~ 
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

Please don't hesitate to call if Saturday
doesn't work for you...always happy to accommodate!


Weekend Soul Food...

Red is the color of the blood that flowed down
The face of someone who loved us so
He's the perfect man, He's the Lord's own Son
He's the Lamb of God, He's the only One
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make the love between us flow.

The Coloring Song Lyrics by Petra


Trifle not your time away...

happy stitching, Tammy


  1. So Love seeing all your beautiful collections...the hands gorgeous....and the old worn pincushions also,
    Makes me want to reach and feel them.
    Your sons pictures ..very nostalgic.......this morning we have snow.

  2. You have a great collection of hands and tomatoes.
    Your son takes some awesome pics.
    Love the old barns, and the fog pic is awesome, but it was terrible to drive in this week.
    Thanks for sharing your pics and collections.

  3. Love your beautiful collection of red !
    Your sons pictures are thought provoking -
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your photos and thoughts are just such a delight to see and read!!
    Keep sending out those creative posts!! ❤

  5. Tell your son his pictures are fantastic!
    I would love to have my locks be like the last one pictured!

  6. What a beautiful posting in every way. I love your collections. I have only one of the 'Heart in Hands' milk dish as it is a newly acquired interest...still searching. Strawberry pin keeps are one of very favorites. Thanks so much for shering as I always enjoy my visits.
    Have a Joyful Day with lots of Peace & Blessings for ALL,

  7. You have THE BEST collections.
    Love all your son's photos. He has a real talent (just like his mom).
    Hugs :)

  8. enjoying the lovely winterscape photos, it looks so tranquil. hope you have a great week - Mel