Saturday, April 29, 2017

Springtime Gift Giveaway...

Happy Saturday
dear needlefolk friends!

Life called my name yesterday,
and pulled me away from my work!

I'm back today and will be cutting linen...
Adam & Eve Pinkeep Drum
(Prim & Proper Pinkeep Club 2017)

Yards & yards of gorgeous
 Weeks Dye Works 36ct Beige Linen for
 Prim & Proper Pinkeep Club kits.

The linen is the last item that needs
to be cut, everything else is ready 
for the assembly line!

Monday, I'm off to the print shop ~
Tuesday, kits will be assembled ~

Wednesday...the scheduled ship day!

Click HERE to become a Prim & Proper Member!


Springtime weather is so day
it's almost HOT the next day it's FREEZING!

On the nice days, 
I grab the opportunity to take
nature walks on our farm...

Our plastic crow decoy survived another 
winter perched on this old fence post!

Studio rabbit lurking from the bushes,
April shower bring May flowers...and hoping for carrots too!


It has been some time since I've offered
a gift giveaway drawing...

Offering this pear pinkeep I made back in 2007.

Twig stem, wool leaf, embellished with feather stitch
on the seams, antiqued with walnut ink.

If you would like to enter YOUR NAME in the drawing,
please leave me a comment at the end of this post ~

~ tell me what YOU like about Springtime?
~ include your first name/city/state
~ include a way for me to contact you!

Comments can also be posted on~
~ Facebook Page 
~ Studio Workes of Scattered Seed Samplers

The winner will be announced on Monday!


Weekend Soul Food...

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament
 of the heaven to divide the day from the night;
and let them be for signs, and for seasons,
and for days, and years."

Genesis 1:14...KJV


Enjoy a super weekend!
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Hi Tammy,
    What I love about spring are the sounds...the birdsong and the call of the peepers in particular. After a very quiet winter in rural Nova Scotia they are music to my ears.
    I am so excited about this newest club...can't wait!
    All the best,

  2. Spring is my favorite season because color comes back into my world. Winters are long and dreary and somewhat monochromatic. Love the earthy smell of the season as well. And don't forget the lilacs.

    I am from Massachusetts. You can reach me through etsy as I belong to your clubs.

  3. Spring is wonderful for the soul as everything is watching the birds find mates & build their flowers coming up and oh the new smells all so good! Love the new club piece also have my address...blessings

  4. First comes the return of the bird songs, then the slow reawakening of life all around. Oh how wonderful it is to see the return of color every where.

    1. Deborah from Midland, MI.

  5. What I love about spring is...After a winter's nap,the earth awakings blooms,and sunshine ����
    Love your blog,you can contact me anytime via Facebook

  6. I love the daffodils and tulips. Lynda, from Beaverton, Oregon.

  7. I enjoy the spring flowers and the birds that come back and build their nests...I keep peeking out from windows to see where they place their bird bath has already been used many times to refresh!! Blessings and hugs from Rochester, MN!!

  8. Hi Tammy! I love the regrowth of spring -- the return of birds, flowers, sunshine. I love the sound of children playing outside like I used to do. This spring, I am entering a new phase of my life, and the fact that it is starting in the springtime is incredibly appropriate! :-) He does work in wondrous ways!
    I can be found at -- Jan in Ashburn, Virginia

  9. We have two ponds in our backyard and I love seeing my fish come out of their winter hibernation and swimming to the edge to greet me. I just love the lush look of the new growth on our shrubs and trees and the pretty blossoms. I do also love being able to get my beloved Corvettes out of the garage with no danger of salty roads!!

  10. Sorry, forgot to add my name...Vanessa in Clinton, IL.

  11. I Love all of the nature that is so alive in the spring. The goose is laying eggs on a stump in the lake and the mallards are building nests. I have bluebirds and chickadee in my birdhouses. The Hummingbirds are back and all of the trees are a beautiful greens. Flowers are blooming everywhere. It is just a beautiful season. Pattie Davidson I live in Midland, Georgia.

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  13. My favorite part of Spring is when you see the Pussy Willow Catkins poking their fuzzy heads out, announcing that "Spring is about to be bursting out all over". I miss not being able to go for a walk in the woods and gather up a sweet bouquet to enjoy knowing that Spring is coming soon.
    Barbara Shores, Apple Valley, CA.,

  14. Spring is the time of renewAl, so the first daffies and the purple of the tulip tree are a couple of my favorite things!
    Love your new A&E Drum!!
    Charlene in SC

  15. Spring offers so much promise, new and fresh season to renew hope for a continuation of life. Baby chicks hatch, with ferocious wild hen mothers who have transformed into gypsies leaving the comfort of the coop to commune away from the rest of the egg layers, to raise their precious youngsters! Flowers return from the semi-cold soil, to bring joy to all who wander close enough to take in their delight. Flats of seeds begin sprouting from chilly flats of soil stacked in the greenhouse like books in a library. Spring is welcome here.
    Thank you Tammy for the opportunity to win a bit of your hand crafted art.
    Kim Q. Brandon, Wisconsin

  16. Although I live in in an area that offers great climate all year long, (Arizona)Springtime is the start of all the new growth and surprises that pop up with many "volunteer" plants in our yard. The birds are making nests for the young ones and the bunnies appear from the burrows. It is the time we start to enjoy the tomato plants that we planted in February/March. So much to look forward to. I love the pear and it would look lovely in my home....

  17. My favorite thing about springtime is seeing our mourning doves each day and hearing them throughout the day. It is a season of rebirth and renewal. I love the pear you made as it reminds me of the very old pear tree I walk by several times a day in the garden.
    David, Brighton, MA.,

  18. Crisp, fresh air...tulips...daffodils...the first robin...stitching outdoors...these are a few of my favorite things! Patricia Yorktown Heights, NY

  19. Here in the UK our seasons are quite distinct and I love to watch them change. Each season has its own treasures and each season I say 'This is my favourite'. I am happy I don't have to choose. I would love to add your pear to my Autumn display. Thank you for offering it. Irene xx

  20. Spring is here in Oregon but we are still getting some rain, very little yard work has been done, love the pear and your blog.

  21. I love the greenness of spring after a dreary winter in Lorain, OH.
    Thanks so much for your generosity.

  22. Happy Spring Tammy: My favorite thing about Spring is the Easter Season, it is a time of renewal for all believers.
    I would love a chance at the Pear you made, it is lovely.
    I will be calling you about the New Prim and Proper Club.


  23. One of my favorite spring traditions is cleaning out the flower beds, trips to the garden center and sipping iced tea on the deck. Love the Adam and Eve (and apple) keep those great designs coming

  24. Hi Tammy,

    What a beautiful giveaway...reminds me of the pears we'll have later in our wee orchard. We have to be quick to get them before the doe comes out of the woods to knock against the tree and dislodge the pears. Her fawn (or fawns some years) then venture out and seem to really love the pears. I actually don't mind it they eat every single one - it's a small price to pay for being able to see Nature's sweet creature. Oops - I got off the subject. One thing I truly love about spring is how the birds seem to be competing with the frogs to proclaim that spring has arrived. What a chorus they sing! I also don't mind how the bumblebees seem drunk in their flying and I love seeing them try to fly with legs heavily laden with pollen from spring's first flowers.

  25. Hi Tammy,

    I forgot to give me you my name in the message above: I'm Diane in Statesville, NC and you can contact me at

    Thanks much.


  26. What a beautiful pinkeep Thanks you for the giveaway. Springtime My favorites The green grass The Rain Flowers blooming Robins are here again And no more SNOW

    linda m illinois

  27. My favorite time of year is spring. It's the renewal of promise of new life. - the resurrection. I live in Phoenix Arizona where it's already getting hot!!! My name is Charlene Reeder. You can contact me by email at

  28. I love the wildflowers that are so beautiful in the Smokies. I love planting my garden . I am Glenda ,Trion,Ga.

  29. I love the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, and barbecuing.

  30. I love the sound of the robins and the fresh smell of Spring. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful pinkeep.
    Hope Valley, RI