Monday, January 11, 2016

Sheepish Needle Samplar Club Update ~

Welcome Friends and Needleworkers!

Burrr...Olde Man Winter has arrived in Wisconsin!

Our morning temperature was -15° 
but I can't complain because my neighbors 
in Minnesota are reporting -25° to -27°!!!

Oh well, this too shall pass...only 69 days until the 
1st Day of Spring!


Sheepish Needle Underway...

Today, I'll be finishing up the design I created yesterday,
and choosing just the right linen and threads.

The rest of the week
 I'll be working round the 
clock stitching away...
On Friday, I'll share a sneak peek!

The local countryside sheep look so content  
with their nice warm woolly coats... 
 It's hard to believe that in only 69 days  
the farmers sheep shears will be clicking away!


Please remember to feed our little feathered friends,
sowing them seed in winter is like...manna from heaven!
Cold...what cold?
I can't feel anything anymore!

I felt so bad this morning seeing my sweet 
Mourning Dove clutching her cold foot to her chest!


Early morning is so pretty here on the farm...
 Misty fog, you could get lost
 if you didn't know your way around!


Our world is changing around us so quickly, BUT...
It's so nice to see kids still love to go sledding!

Kids just having good old fashioned fun...
Totally disconnected from all electronics!

I can remember making snow angels, building snowmen,
playing "King of the Mountain", throwing snowballs,
building Igloo's, even eating fresh snow!
Now, my favorite outside winter pass time would be
feeding the yard birds and rabbits!


Last week some friends of our from the Dallas, Texas area
send us some pictures of their winter scenery...
With all this talk about snow, it made me realize how
different winter is for our southern friends!

Texas Longhorns and green grass!!
I love the idea of green grass, but I think I'll pass on 
Longhorns surrounding my car!


Weekly Soul Food...

But godliness with contentment
is great gain.

1 Timothy 6:6...KJV


Stay gentle in a loud world,
Blessings, Tammy 


  1. Contentment IS a choice that I make gladly. Thanks for your posts and pictures, Tammy. Yours is one of the most beautiful sites I've seen. Have a lovely day-- stay warm.

  2. Tammy: Thank-you for a beautiful post, it is true not many young people know how to have fun outdoors, with the tech world we have today.
    I look forward to the Sheepish Needle Design Kit arriving at my door.


  3. Loved the picture of the sheep. Sheep are my kind of contentment.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pics.
    I like to watch the kids sledding.
    Those are some BIG horns on the Longhorns.
    Love that big basket of wool!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful, creative, productive day! Stay warm.