Friday, January 6, 2017

Flying free...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Another bitterly cold day here on the farm,
with a high of only 6°...looking very
forward to warmer days ahead!


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Update...

I'm very sorry for the unexpected delay!

So here's the scoop ~
the distributor that supplies my linen
was closed from December 22nd thru January 3rd!

Coming soon..."Gate Keeper" pinpoke
©2017 Scattered Seed Samplers

Above, is a sneak peek of the chosen
 Reproduction Civil War fabric used for the
pinkeep backing, light mocha ribbon, 
plus the little token of appreciation
charm for this kit will be this
 sweet little ring of keys!

The linen & thread was ordered on Tuesday,
January 2nd, and received the order today...yay!

It's 32ct Belfast "Light Mocha"...yep I'll be 
busy cutting linen, fabric and ribbon!

This will be a fun easy little pinpoke 
with only four thread colors!

I'll be sharing the finished model very soon...thank
you for your patience!


I have fabulous news ~

Guess who has 
completely recovered and was set 
free back on our farm...

Our wounded Kestrel Falcon friend,
spent his recovery  at the Prairie Du Chien 
rehab center, we were so excited to
see an Animal Control Van pull
into our driveway!

Our hopes are that he'll be able to 
reconnect with his feathered family...sadly we
were unable to get photos of him 
being released!


Down a winter's country road...

We love exploring untraveled roads!

Wonderful olde wagon!

Love, love, love this style of olde corn cribs...
they are getting as scarce as hens teeth!

Hello, Mr. Snowman!

An olde schoolhouse!

Mighty olde Court House in Vernon County!


Farm Shop
Will Be Open On Saturday...

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

If Saturday's don't fit into your schedule,
please call to make arrangements for a weekday!


Weekend Soul Food...

"If the Son therefore shall make you free,
ye shall be free indeed."

John 8:36...KJV


Hope your weekend is filled with
some of your favorite things!

Winter Blessings, 


  1. Looks like a pretty charm and fabric for the next piece.
    How nice that the Kestrel recovered and got released an your farm.
    Such a beautiful bird.
    Love the old buildings and that's a pretty cute Snowman! :)

  2. Hi Tammy: I am so happy the Kestrel was able to make a recovery, beautiful bird.
    I am excited to get the new kit.
    I love all your photos, so interesting to see old buildings not being torn down, so many people want to get rid of the old, they forget about the history and beauty of these buildings
    Your snowman looks so sweet.


  3. Fabulous blog Tammy super excited to receive my last club piece but bittersweet at same time....💔 Love the fact the Kestrel came back to the farm how fantastic !! Once again thank you for taking me along on your travels I just so enjoy it & photos🚗..very cold here in the north woods of MN -20's plus -20 -30's windchill will look forward to this weekend as we get out of the negative zone, many blessings

  4. That old school house would make a great place for needle workers to gather

  5. Is this project/kit only for members of the club? It looks beautiful and I was interested in it. The bird is beautiful too!

  6. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.