Friday, January 20, 2017

It's in the Box...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Some of you may remember the 
antique reproduction sampler I was working
on, Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827...

This is the work box where this 
project has been stashed away for
way too long now!

Everything is just as I left it...patiently
waiting for my return!

This sampler is being stitched on 
WDW 40ct. Tin Roof with AVAS silk thread.

This sampler has not only one or two borders,
but THREE...I remember how happy it felt
completing the first border!

And even happier completing the second!

I was on a roll...with the third 
border finished and ready to add 
the little flower buds!

It was so much fun working on the 
wonderful motifs that fill this 
beautiful old sampler!

This was probably the last progress 
photo I shared back in 2016,
before my work schedule got so busy
I had to put it on hold!

However, I did make a great 
deal of progress since that last photo,
I'm currently working on stitching
the verse and a few motifs that
still need to be finished!

So, hopefully in between club kits
and other new releases, I'll be 
able to share the finished model
and finally get this pattern 

Please stay's just a matter of time!


A few of our backyard friends...

A squirrely little fellow enjoying 
sunflower seeds!

Mr. Blue Jay looking so handsome!

Our cottontail friend waiting & watching for my 
husband to set out the bowl of rabbit food!

We're enjoying a little January thaw...
Spring is now only 59 days away!

Country corn cribs filled to the brim!


Farm Shop
Will BOpen OSaturday
10:00 ~ 3:00

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

If Saturday's don't fit into your schedule,
please call to make arrangements for a weekday!


Weekend Soul Food...

When a man's ways please the LORD,
he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Proverbs 16:7...KJV


Hoping you all have a fun filled weekend,


  1. Love the sampler and the beautiful stitching box. Love all your little friends too. They are so blessed to have you in their lives.

  2. Great stitching box, and the Sampler is beautiful.
    Cute little critters.
    Those corn cribs look like they are going to burst! :)
    Our snow will all be gone today with a temp of 50 degrees.

  3. Is your snow almost gone? Ours will be today. Have a great weekend Tammy. Go Pack Go!

  4. Tammy: Love the Sampler so far, the stitching box is fabulous, I will be buying this one for sure, if you put it up for sale.
    Love the bird and rabbit photo's, it has been warm here snow is melting we have had four days of fog ugh.


  5. Oh these borders are lovely! And now I am jealous because I think you live on a farm! Best wishes,

    Karen in NC

  6. Love, love, L*O*V*E your backyard friends! And it goes without saying that I'm thrilled you've picked up that sampler again. Can't wait to see your progress!!

  7. Eager to see your progress on your beautiful sampler.

  8. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !