Friday, March 17, 2017

Count Your Blessings...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends, and
 happy St. Patrick's Day to all!


This is what I do, 
when I have a hard time
 falling to sleep...

And it works every time to help shut
my busy mind down!

Some of you may remember a St. Patrick's
sampler I released a few years ago...

"Milly & Molly O'Mally"

But, wait until you see how 
Tiffany Joy Burns finished hers...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her creative touch!

She filled the top with batting and the
lower third was filled with plastic beads to 
help it stand up nicely!

You could also use ground walnut shell,
sand, rice, beans, popcorn seeds etc.

Thank you so much Tiffany for sharing your 
lovely stitching and finishing!

This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop,
but I'll be away for a few days...a short delay
in shipping...sorry for the inconvenience!


Beings it's St. Patrick's Day, 
let me tell you I know first hand 
the qualities of a true 
Irishman...I'm married to one!

My Irishman is actually a descendant of a very rowdy 
Irish clan (the "Black" clan) that was thrown out of Ireland 
many years ago because of political views!

To this day his family has 
remained very political, during
my husband's college days he 
campaigned for his father
William Black Sr. who was sheriff of
La Crosse County for 10 years, and
a police officer for 24 years prior
to that.

Plus, my husband's cousin
Carl Halverson, also served as sheriff
of La Crosse County for 12 years.

What I love best about my Irishman
is his kind and gentle natural, and
I must mention he truly has
the Irish gift of gab!


Check out these amazing
red haired maidens...

Hope you enjoyed this St. Patrick's Day!


Catherine. Sheppard. 1810.

This is my latest progress on Catherine,
I've been preoccupied with so many
different things this week...not 
enough stitching time!


This is the time of year when the 
countryside looks so dreary...

For local readers, if these pics look
familiar...they were taken at the Bangor Park.

Love the sound of a babbling brook!

Love this spot, will have to come back
when the weather warms up...great place to 
sit and stitch!

So, so dreary!


Guess what?
I'm planning on running away from home...

Seriously, bags are all packed,
and I'm leaving tomorrow morning!

I'm off to Milwaukee, all by myself
while my guys stay home to hold down the fort!

It's my birthday present to myself,
beings they got to go to California and Texas
this past year while I stayed home to
take care of our sick dog Winston!

So if you see this "Soul" in traffic...please HONK!!

I'm taking my laptop with me so I can 
still stay in touch!


Farm Shop Will Be
"CLOSED" on Saturday!

Will re~open next Saturday, on March 25th.


Weekend Soul Food...

The words of a man's mouth 
are as deep waters, 
and the wellspring of wisdom
as a flowing brook.

Proverbs 18:4...KJV


Blessings from me to you,


  1. Safe travels as you head for some alone time!!
    Your blogs are always such a delight!! Hope to come and see
    you this summer. ☘️☘️☘️🍀☘️

  2. Catherine is looking great.
    I will certainly honk if I see you. :)
    Have a fun and safe trip.

  3. I love what Tiffany did with Milly & Molly O'Mally! Fun! And I hope you have fun in Milwaukee! I shall honk if I spot you on the road!!:D

  4. Hi Tammy: Beautiful post, I am 1/3 Irish, I grew up with red hair and freckles, I still have a few but they get covered up with make-up.
    Love the Sampler it is lovely.
    I will honk if I see you on the road.
    Have a wonderful time in Milwaukee.
    Tiffany did a beautiful job with the stand-up, great idea.