Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Sweet Home!

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

It's always fun and exciting to break away from
my daily routine, I start out filled with such
 expectation, but the true joy is in coming back
home and sleeping in my own bed!

While relaxing in my motel room I enjoyed
some stitching time, here is my vacation progress...

Started adding some fruit and finished the
tips of the buds, and added a small flower pot.

I had hopes of being further along, 
but something is better than nothing!


I left home on Saturday morning
headed for Milwaukee, interstate driving
is so boring so I decided to take a break and
stretch my legs in Sun Prairie, Wisconisn...

Picked out some wonderful Civil War 
fabrics for future club kits!


Spent my first night in Brookfield.

My main objective for visiting Milwaukee, 
was to visit my childhood parochial
 school and church...

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church & School
6802 West Forest Home Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As a little girl I loved hearing the church
bells ring from the big bell tower!

Inside, it was just as beautiful as I 
remember it so many many years ago!

And, it just happened to be communion Sunday!


After church I drove to the
Grand Avenue Mall, parking on the 
street was frustrating with confusing 
parking signs, but look who came
to my rescue...

Wow, a Milwaukee mounted police 
cool is that!

He very kindly explained that I had two 
hours of free parking on Sunday, and
his horse was so friendly!

After all that, the mall was a complete
 disappointment...most of the 
shops were vacant!!

So sad, at one time this was an
awesome mall!

Plus, my old neighborhood was another big
disappointment...completely run down!

While aimlessly wandering around I
passed so many massive beautiful
old churches.

Wow, what lovely architecture!


At this point I was feeling very disenchanted
and like a fish out of water...completely
out of my comfort zone!

However, I finally found the closure
I was seeking from my childhood in
was time for me to head back towards 
Madison were things are more 
familiar to me!

Decided to take a more scenic route in 
hopes of seeing wonderful old barns like this one!

Check out this Public Library!
Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Also in this small town was yet 
another beautiful old church!


Spent my second night in Mt. Horeb, 
so I could visit a cross stitch shop...

Hard to see the sign on the window ~
"Witchery Stitchery" Needlework Shop

I was so surprised to see one of my patterns 
displayed in the front window!

"A Token of Spring" Pinkeep Drum
from my retired Little Sparrow Pinkeep Series
available in my Etsy Shop ~ Click HERE


Back on the road and headed for 
Middleton on the west side of Madison...

Look at this neat and tidy old barn!

First stop was West Town Mall, 
and then onto another cross stitch shop...

Another pleasant surprise...

Another one of my patterns on display
right beside "With Thy Needle and Thread"
and "Plum Street Samplers"...what an honor!

"Come Dance with Me" Pinkeep 
from my retired
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Series...available
in my Etsy shop ~ Click HERE


Spent my third night in 
Waunakee, Wisconsin with 
plans to visit a quilt shop...

"Mill House Quilts"
Waunakee, Wisconsin

What a gorgeous old door!

Back on the road, 
now headed for Spring Green...

Love taking the back roads...wish I knew the 
story behind these old ruins!

I wonder what this building was?

Looks like something you would see
in another country!

I need to have my husband make me
a quilt motif sign for my these kind of motifs!

Ahh, look where I stopped next...

Yep, lucky me...I never leave here empty handed!

Country Sampler
Spring Green, Wisconsin



10:00 ~ 3:00 

Our Farm Shop is located at~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418


Weekend Soul Food...

But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Psalms 1:2...KJV


My fourth night was spent at the "Westby House"
Bed & Breakfast in Westby, Wisconsin

And on a whim, my fifth day I drove to 
Rochester, Minnesota to go sales
tax on shoes and clothing in Minnesota!

Now, to get myself back into 
the groove of things here on the farm!

Blessings, Tammy

After fueling up my car, this pair of Canadian Geese
 where crossing the highway...looks like 
they were also heading home!


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    The churches are very pretty, and what an awesome Library!
    I have been to all of the stores on your stop, Lynn's being my favorite. :)
    I was also at Witchery Stitchery 2 weeks ago, those ladies are so nice.
    Yes! You need a quilt design on your barn!

    1. Hi Marilyn, I was impressed with Mt. Horeb, considering it is such a small rural town...5 consecutive round about's as you enter their town! Always love reading your comments, thank you so much! :)

  2. Well what do you know? I drove past little St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church & School multiple times daily when we lived in Greendale. I enjoyed the small glimpse you gave us of the inside. I recognize both churches you have shown down next to Marquette University's campus. Our oldest son is finishing his nursing degree there. :) Have not been to Grand Avenue in decades. Glad you are home safe and sound!

  3. Those old churches are amazing, and that library! WOW!!!
    Thanks for taking us on your journey.
    Happy Saturday :)

  4. Your photos were so wonderful!! The churches and library were incredible!! I wish I could have met you when you were in Rochester. (We have so many of the Canadian geese here....they tend to be considered pests! ). Next time you are near, please call!!

  5. Looks like a fun road trip--I also map out a route to include needlework shops and quilts shops. Beautiful churches and barns

  6. Tammy: What a fun and beautiful post, thank-you for sharing with us, your road trip.