Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Progress...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Oh the joy of a relaxing weekend...especially
when spent at home with needle & thread!

Sharing today is my weekend stitching progress...

The border is all set and ready to start adding 
graceful little flowers, two flower pots 
are also ready to be filled!

I couldn't resist the sweet little doggie, 
as he reminds me of our loyal Scottie Winston,
who passed on earlier this winter at the 
age of fourteen!

This sweet antique reproduction sampler will
hopefully be released in the next couple of weeks,
and will be titled ~


Many more lovely motifs to add, 
will be sharing another update soon!


~ Needle Wisdom ~

Another of my favorite pass times is reading
from the many wonderful needlework reference 
books that I have such a passion for collecting!

I thought it might be inspiring to share some
of the interesting history of needle women
 from days gone by...

Plain sewing was so basic to any girl's training that a girl
who couldn't sew was considered odd, certainly not ready for
marriage.  And marriage was not merely a goal in life for a was her mission!  She heard enough derogatory remarks 
about spinsters (also know as "thornbacks", "stale virgins",
"antick virgins", "stale maids", and "old maids") and
witnessed enough contemptuous treatment of them to 
understand very early that if she were to fail to marry, she 
would bring not only unhappiness but a measure of social 
disgrace on herself and her family.  

To win a husband and to serve him well,
she had to know how to sew!

Moreover, plain sewing provided a woman who had little
or no help in her household with an opportunity to sit down
for a while and let her mind wander, all the while secure
in the knowledge that she was doing something productive,
keeping her hands busy!

This was an important consideration, 
for to be idle...was thought to be sinful.


Monday Manna...

"Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep;
and an idle soul shall suffer hunger."

Proverbs 19:15...KJV


May your time be spent working your
 needle with passion & pride!

Happy Monday to all,


  1. You made very nice progress this weekend. I spent the weekend stitching with... my carpenter son. Yes, it is true. He asked me this last week how to embroider a woodpecker on his denim Levi's shirt pocket. I pulled out my 1929 'Samplers and Stitches' by Mrs. Archibald Christie and we began a few lessons. He is well on his way, and it looks good!:D

  2. Love hearing about the history of sewing, thank you for sharing! Also love your progress so far and the little pup, so sweet!