Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pushing Forward ~

Welcome and happy Saturday
needlefolk friends!

This past week has been just a blurr!
Two road trips to Mayo, husband's eyes are
not doing well...Friday was spent in urgent care!

However, there was one day this week that I
got a break and went on a fabric hunting road trip... 

I found two lovely Civil War Reproduction
fabrics that will be used in upcoming club kits.

I'm leaning towards this one for the 
upcoming Early Maiden Workbasket kit. 

Working on the design now,
and will decide once I get further along!


Offering for sale today,
 a gathering of samplers that
were stitched and framed by my hand...
"Quothe The Raven Nevermore"
  frame measures 9.25"W by 7.25"H,
finished in 2009.
Sampler No. 1 ~ Price $43.00, plus $4.95 shipping

"Old Crow"
 frame (antique) measures 8.5"W by 6.75"H,
finished in 2011.
Sampler No. 2 ~ $48.00, plus $4.95 shipping

frame measures 8.75"W by 7"H,
finished in 2009.
Sampler No. 3 ~ $43.00, plus $4.95 shipping

"Summer Offering"
painted frame (antique) measures 13.5"W by 9.5"H,
finished in 2002.
Sampler No. 4 ~ $85.00, plus $7.95 shipping...SOLD ~ Thank You, Karen

If you are interested in purchasing any of these samplers,
 please email me at
For a PayPal invoice, I just need an email OR
to pay by credit card, call me at (608) 799~4418 with info.


While on the road this week,
I enjoyed seeing my all time favorite
barn once again...
So happy it's still standing!


Sunshine for the Soul...

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation:
for when he is tried, he shall receive the 
crown of life, which the Lord hath 
promised to them that love him.

James 1:12...kjv


Sending sweet sentiments to all...enjoy a 
great weekend!

Kindly, Tammy

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  1. Love your favourite "Summer offerings" all are beautiful.
    Old barn photo .... so picturesque.
    So Hope your husbands eye problems...get better very soon..