Monday, June 1, 2015

Extra, Extra...Read All About It!

Hello friends...are you looking forward to this new week?

As promised last week, the wait is finally over, 
and early sign up is now available for... 

"The Sheepish Needle" Samplar Club!

Today, you can "read all about it".

First, I'll share an overview for any one who missed the
previous information.

"The Sheepish Needle" Samplar Club is exclusively from 
Scattered Seed Samplers©2015...established by me (Tammy Black).

Are you a needle worker who seeks out sheep samplars?
(then you are a lady after my own heart)

The Sheepish Needle is excited to present four, small, exclusive samplar
kits per year that will be dedicated to these peaceful wooly
four legged friends!

Each samplar kit will be designed with the mission to be both
practical and unique for the passionate sheepish stitcher at heart ~♥~

~ Kits will ship quarterly ~ approximately every three months ~

~ Mid July
~ Mid October
~ Mid January
~ Mid April

Each kit will include...

~ pattern/chart
~ color photo of finished project
~ finishing instructions
~ John James petite needle
~ full skeins of thread to complete project
~ linen to complete project
~ homespun fabric (if used in project)
~ any special finishing trims or hardware 
~ full finishing tutorials 

The follow up finishing tutorials will offer handwork tips and full 
finishing instructions to make this club fun and exciting!

They will be approximately one month after the kit ships and
will be right here on my blog.

All stitchers Near & Far are welcome to join!

Many payment options are available...YOU choose 
the method YOU prefer :)

The first option is paying for the one year membership 
through my Etsy shop, look for this listing photo...

~ just click onto this image ~

For your convenience here is the direct link...just click onto the 

~ one full year is ~$129.61~ 1st class shipping INCLUDED for USA

~ Additional shipping rates for stitchers OUTSIDE the USA ~

~ $129.61 plus $18.00 = $147.61 ~ CANADA
~ $129.61 plus $24.00 = $153.61~ INTERNATIONAL

~ Or take advantage of the quarterly installment plan ~

The installment plan is four quarterly payments approximately
every three months...

~ $32.40 each (USA)
~ $36.90 (CANADA)

You choose which payment method you prefer...

~ invoiced through PayPay ~ OR
~ credit card over the phone by calling (608) 799~4418 (Studio)

If you choose the PayPal invoice method, I will need an email
for sending the invoice, plus a shipping address.

Sign up for The Sheepish Needle is limited...enroll early to 
reserve your space in the flock!


Look at what I found laying in front of the Studio
this morning...

A small delicately woven birds nest!

It must have blown out of our tall Arbor Vitae tree next
to the front porch of the farmhouse.

I'm happy to see my snippets of thread were 
used in weaving this nest!

Even a few bright green sprigs of Arbor Vitae!

This is the bottom fascinating!


I found a couple special needlework notions this weekend...

This special little ruler is stamped made in the USA ~ 1937

I love, love, love this!


I love searching for fun new tools when ever I stop
at shops like Jo Ann's, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby; I found
this sassy tool at Michaels...

~ "Slice" cutting tool ~

After getting home and trying it out...I'm so glad I decided 
to buy it! 

This is ideal for cutting intricate shapes with the micro~ceramic

The regular price was $6.99 and after using a 40% off coupon
I only paid $4.19.


Sorry for the lengthy "Sheepish Needle" details today, 
how about a little sheepish humor?

Isn't this fitting for the crazy world we live in!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

All we like sheep have gone astray;
we have turned every one to his own way;
and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

~ Isaiah 53:6...KJV ~


Busy fingers are happy fingers...take time to stitch!

More to come on Friday...see you then!

Kindly, Tammy
Scattered Seed Samplers


  1. Hi Tammy: I posted about your Sheepish Designs on my last blog post I hope that is o.k.
    I will call you with my credit card information tomorrow.


  2. Love this post the Bird nest is so beautiful, it is amazing how precise they are with nest building.
    Totally love the sheep cartoon, oh so cute.


  3. Oh, the cartoon is fitting for our world, isn't it? Have a blessed week. I am working in the garden this week.