Friday, February 12, 2016

The Early Workbasket ~ Oil Cans

Welcome dear friends!

I'm sorry to keep Humble Hare Handwork Club
members waiting in suspense to see
the fourth club model...

After completely stitching the rabbit, 
then deciding the color shade wasn't just right,
I was faced with the huge set back of frogging
 it all out and restitching!

So, after several nights of stitching into the 
wee morning hours...I'll be finished with
the stitching tonight!

Saturday, I'll be out fabric shopping for just
the right backing...hope to have a finish on Monday!


Today's Early Workbasket...
 One of my fondest early sewing memories was
learning to work my Grandmother's 
treadle sewing machine.

I remember being so fascinated with it! 
The first lesson she taught me was to always 
make sure it was oiled properly!

Singer offered wonderful oil cans...
It's easy to know for sure if you have an authentic 
one or not, because the early oilers were always
nicely stamped with the "Singer" logo.

I have several "Singer" cans in my collection...
A small (3" tall), medium (5.5" tall) and large (10.5"tall).

These oil cans have become a favorite sewing 
room collectible...

The small one has a decorative edge around the spout, 
this is the only one I have that has this.

 Usually, they are plain... 
Like this one!

General oil cans are also fun to add to a collection...
On the left is an Eagle, middle one is copper, 
and the last one is unmarked.

The length of the spout can be fairly tall... 
Plus, they can be easily given a little color with spray paint!

I love this one...
When we bought our farm back in 1999, 
this sweet little can was left in the basement!

So wonderful to look at...
And so practical...I love useful sewing goodies!

Hope you enjoyed today's topic on old oil cans!


Weekend Soul Food...

Is any sick among you?
Let him call for the elders of the church;
and let them pray over him,
anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

James 5:14...JKV


I'm excited to go fabric shopping tomorrow,
hoping to find something really special!

If all goes well...I'll have a model to share on Monday!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Wind chill warning through tomorrow night. Down to -50!! I work all weekend so will be out in it. YUK! How many days till spring? Where do you shop for fabric? We go bumming in WI all the time. Country Sampler/Spring Green is a favorite but I'd love to know any other places I should go to. Stay warm neighbor!

  2. So love the sewing machine what a beauty! Lovely collection of oil looking forward to club piece😘🐇! Happy Valentines Day Tammy, blessings.....

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Love your bunnies.

  4. Another great collection.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Fun collection ! My favorite is the one that was left in the basement !
    Good luck seeking the perfect fabric.

  6. Hope you are keeping warm this day.

  7. I love your oil cans. I think they are just lovely. I always learn so much stopping in to visit. I hope you have a lovely weekend.