Friday, March 18, 2016

The Early Workbasket ~ Metal Thread Stands

Welcome dear friends!

 Wow, can you believe it...Spring will officially
arrive on Sunday!

Hip Hip, Hooray!

Today, I'm happy to announce some good news...
Yes, I'm finally ready to start gearing up for the new
Schoolgirl Samplar Club!

So, if you enjoy early motifs, alphabets, symbolism,
 houses and much, much more...stayed turned 
over the next several weeks all the details!


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Updates...

The scheduled ship date for kit number one
is on or before March 31st.


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Memberships 
clubs...if you are on the installment plan and want your
membership to continue for must let me know 
either by an email or call me at (608) 799~4418 to
confirm your renewal...thank you!

I'm happy to announce my dear friend Ona is
helping me with the kitting process!

What a blessing to have extra helping hands...we make
a perfect team!


The Early Workbasket...
Metal Thread Stands; cira 1875~1940

Metal thread stands were typically made in either
England, Germany or the USA.

 USA; painted metal, four spindles, pincushion; c.1935

Thread stands are perfect to add to any sewing room...
Both practical and eye catching!

Typically, a metal thread stand will include a center pincushion...
Corduroy was a popular pincushion covering during the 1930's. 

The number of thread spindles will vary according to the style...
 Double tier, center swivel mechanism.

Some will have the added feature of a center thimble holder... 
Perfect for a quilter or wool applique project!

Here's a view without the thread...
USA; eight spindle swivel thread well, polished metal; c.1930 

Some with have a fancier base...
Similar to the last one, but no thimble holder! 

Wrought iron ones will tend to be more elaborate...
This style has everything...pinkeep, six swivel spindles, lower 
storage area! 

Love the old pinkeep mounted on top...
 So many fun things to keep your eyes open for while
out rummaging and antiquing!

Hope you all enjoy spending time in your special 
stitching room!


I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing Sunday
with my family as we celebrate my 

55th Birthday...
 It's hard to believe I'll be 55...I sure don't feel like it!

Some say when you hit your "Speed Limit" year, 
you're suppose to slow down...
 Nope, not me...not a chance!!!!!!


Weekend Soul Food...

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3...KJV


Hoping Spring's arrival in your neighborhood
is sunny and warm!

Many Blessings,


  1. Have a Happy Birthday and Happy Spring!

  2. Happy Birthday! The best times are for you now! I hit the 65 this month!

  3. Happy young thing (I am 69) love the thread spools. I have a cute one that is plastic and I do not know what year it is from. It is like a carousel. I think I will post about it on my blog tomorrow and maybe someone will have an idea.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! May it be everything you hope for! God Bless!......Those jars are to die for! I see they are in 2 different sizes. Are they vintage? Sure looks like it. Love them!

  5. Happy, happy birthday Tammy!
    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year.
    All the best,

  6. Great collection.
    I'll have to keep my eyes open for these at the Summer flea markets.
    Happy 55th! Hope you have a great day on Sunday.

  7. Love these thread keepers especially the wrought iron one! Will have to keep my eye open for one😍 As for 55 it's a perfect number enjoy many blessings!

  8. Happy birthday! Wishing you a joyous day!