Monday, March 28, 2016

A Primer for a Country Dwelling ~

Welcome dear friends, hope you enjoyed a 
Blessed Easter Sunday!

Growing up my mother always made holidays so
I just have fond memories to reflect upon!

With all my grandparents, and both my mom & dad
laid to rest, life is so different...gone but never forgotten!

 So when holidays come and go I focus on;
honoring the past,
celebrating the present,
and embracing the works for me!


This morning I woke to heard my 
special pair of sweetheart Mourning Dove's 
cooing outside my window... 

 They've been gathering twigs for their nest...I'm on a 
mission to discover where their nest is hidden!


I know it's still early here in Wisconsin, but
that 10" of snow we received last week is finally gone,
and the grass is getting green!

Chives are really taking off, 
and ventured out to the garden shed to start 
gathering some garden tools...

 Next, I need to gather some rakes & my wheel barrow!

I'm just doing some early planting yet!



I have a new book to share with you today...
Spring release to the 
"Simply Country" book series 

This series by Judy Condon are softcover books.

 This new release has 144 pages.

A little sneak peek...
 This Primer is full of good topics and suggestions!

I love old coverlets...
 I'm still searching for one that is affordable, these can
be very high priced...especially if they are dated!

Old hooked rugs make a room look so cozy...
The early housewife did not display hooked rugs
like we do...she used them!

Mirrors add a nice ambiance to a room...
I love how old mirrors were once referred
to as "Looking Glass"!

Oh my goodness, SAMPLERS....
Samplers were admired and examined close~up
because it was customary for visitors to view the stitchery 
and honor the accomplishment of the needleworker. 

A cursory glance was seen as ill~bred.
Hence, samplers displayed in an authenticated room 
today should be hung at eye level and easily viewed
close~up as in the past.

Changing things up...
At least twice a year, spring/summer and
autumn/winter, a home can become totally refreshed!


Studio News...

~ Kits for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club are shipping this week.

~ The first week in April "Martha Howells 1849" patterns
will be shipping.

~ The fourth kit for The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club 
will be released in mid April.


Weekly Soul Food...

"Thou hast turned for me my mourning
into dancing"

Psalms 30:11...KJV


Be wise, be kind, be gentle, be true...delight 
yourself in simple things!

 ~Blessings of Joy ~


  1. What a delightful blog posting ...once again love the information! The book looks & sounds great. Have a wonderful week, blessings...

  2. ""Thou hast turned for me my mourning
    into dancing"

    Psalms 30:11."-----Yes,and thank you! Mamka from Hungary

  3. Really enjoyed your post! The book looks very interesting and loved the shoe pinkeep! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Blessings ~

  4. What a delightful book !
    Thanks for sharing.