Monday, May 15, 2017

Family time...

Welcome needlefolk friends
and happy Monday!

Today started out bright & sunny,
perfect for taking photos, then a quick
shower of it's back to full sunshine!

Early Maiden Workbasket 
Club Sneak Peek...

Sharing with you today is a little sneak peek of
the motif that will grace the back side of the
 upcoming project...MEND THY WAYS!

Today, I'll start stitching on the front side.


My family and I enjoyed a fun filled weekend,
that started Saturday morning...
Sweet and simple farm fresh bouquet 
gifted to me by my husband!

Fresh Lilacs and Dandelions, both in great
abundance in our back yard!

Next, my son Sam had a brilliant idea...lets
take mom to Gold Rush!

Please meet my dearest son Sam...

Gifted to my husband and I twenty~five years ago!

It is such an honor to be the mother of this
incredible young man, who is gifted with
 wisdom way beyond his years! 

He displays outstanding loyalty and
strength of character!

He fills each day with laughter with his 
infectious humor and personality!

He has a heart of gold...sooo proud
of this kind and gentle soul!


I quickly ran out to my Studio to 
dig out my shopping chart that I take with
me when antiquing...
I love this cart...perfect for hauling all my goodies!

Sam always treats me to something special...

He knows my weakness for sewing baskets!

This old pine needle basket is in such
 wonderful condition...very tightly woven!

I can hardly wait to get it home and start
 using it...thank you SO much Sam!

And from my husband...
This wonderful old caddy...Oh, how I love this!
(thank you Bill)

I have several of these and use them every day, 
I especially love them for toting my sewing projects!


The next goodies, I gifted to myself...
I just couldn't pass up this sweet woven 
was definitely calling my name, and the price was right! 

My eyes are always scanning for special frames...
This is SO SWEET...can't wait to design something 
special to fill it up!

I accidentally found this pinkeep while waiting
for a big crowd of people to pass by... 
This little fellow found a good new home...can't
wait to add him to the rest of my bird collection!

I'll have to make a pinkeep out of old velvet to
fill his empty cabbage!

And now for my last two treasures...
An early "Daily Duty" special 
and dear to my heart! 
(daily scripture meditations)

I believe this is of Scandinavian origin...
Ivory key needle case with a Swan top!

It's still in good working sad that
the lower key notch is broken off!


Weekly Soul Food...

Even a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure, 
and whether it be right.

Proverbs 20:11...kjv


Hope YOU too enjoyed a 
 special Mother's Day!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. had an awesome time at Gold Rush!!
    What wonderful finds!! Thanks for sharing. Sat. And Sun were such beautiful days. We were blessed!!

  2. So enjoyed your blog....Your gifts were marvellous ..and your gifts to yourself...such finds.
    Those baskets!!
    You must have had the most wonderful day.

  3. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day.
    What great gifts, and that pine basket is beautiful!

  4. So nice to "meet" photographer Sam. :D
    What special, lovely gifts you found!! Awesome pieces!

  5. beautiful baskets and sewing needfuls ~ love them all~


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