Friday, May 19, 2017

The Hiding Place...

Welcome & Happy Friday
needlefolk friends!

This past week we've had really warm
weather, actually hot humid days, then
wham bang old man winter showed
his face...really COLD today!

Early Maiden Workbasket Club Update...

I'm happy to say the model is all stitched,
and ready for me to finish!

This project will have a "Button" theme, so
I've been having fun picking through buttons...looking
 for just the right one!

Kits will include a special hand selected
"Pearl Button" to complete the project.

Do you know how antique pearl buttons were made?
When my husband was young he would go
clamming for clam shells, which is how
 pearl buttons are made.

Historically, river towns along the Mississippi River
were famous for their Pearl Button Factories...

Collecting the mussels is known as clamming,
then they would heat and open the mussels, 
removing the meat and any irregular~shaped
freshwater peals (called "slugs".) 

Hundreds of men worked in the cutting shops,
cutting blanks...the basic shape of the button from
the shiny inner surface of the shells.

While others operated machinery that carved
designs on the blanks and drilled the holes.

The four shells that I shared here today are from 
my husbands clamming days!

Over the years I've found some special sewing notions...

This is my antique collection of Clam Shell
thimble cases and trinket boxes.

The thimble cases will usually have
a delicate brass chain attached and lined
with velvet inside.


The Hiding Place...

I was about to take a picture of our Lilac's, 
but instead I startled a mama Mourning Dove
sitting on her nest!

Wow, after she flew away I was able to 
get a birds eye view of her beautiful nest...what 
a pleasant surprise!

So, instead of disturbing her too much,
I only took pics of our dark purple Lilacs...

The dark purple have always been my favorite!

Our back yard literally smells like a 
perfume factory...these are the Lilacs my
husband picked for my Mother's Day bouquet!


This past week the weather blew up a 
wild storm with high winds...

In our machine shed my husband discovered a
fallen "Pigeon" nest with two babies...just
waiting to be rescued!

He placed their nest down into a big bucket,
while we researched their diet.

After discovering that Pigeons eat mostly grains,
seeds, berries, and fruits and the diet for the babies
sounded a little to complicated...we decided to 
take them over to our local humane society 
where they would receive proper care!


Our back yard is full of "Hiding Places"...

This old "Bronco" is in waiting to be restored,
Sam discovered a secret hiding place up under the
front fender, just above the tire.

A Robin's nest with three sleepy 
headed little ones!

Mama Robin quickly discovered Sam and 
gave him a good scolding!



This will be a very busy weekend for us, 
as our oldest military son and family are coming
for a visit before they leave for a two year 
assignment in Mauritania, Africa!


Weekend Soul Food...

"Thou art my hiding place; 
thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
thou shalt compass me about with
songs of deliverance.

Psalms 32:7


Well, I'm off to finish dusting,
vacuuming, cleaning
  is arriving on Sunday!

Enjoy a special weekend doing what
YOU enjoy most!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. I have to read every word and look at all the charming!

  2. Love all your photos....especially the baby birds!
    I have visited the pearl button museum in Lake City, MN.....
    So interesting!! If anyone is in the area, it is free!!

  3. Love how you paInt picture with your descriptions of your needlework and farm life.
    I have a clam with holes punched into it , I never knew why before.
    Baby birds everywhere the U.K. Wonderful time of year.

  4. Interesting about the buttons, thanks for the pics.
    You have a great collection of thimble cases, all so pretty.
    The Lilacs are gorgeous, and the babies are too cute.
    Have a good time with your family visit.

  5. Loved the blog post as usual Tammy thanks for sharing the great pictures from your the birds & flowers💕 Wow! Your son & family going to Africa many blessings to them....

  6. Such an interesting post. Enjoy your time with family.

  7. I always learn so much from your posts.
    Please thank your son for his service to this great Land of ours. May God Bless him and all the troops.

  8. How interesting, I have no idea how pearl buttons were made. Depending on the placement of the removed blanks I'm envisioning a beautiful thread keep. Without a doubt, lilacs are my favorite flower, and yours are gorgeous. I have a Persian lilac on my side yard that just got a very heavy pruning this year. I'll be moving it to the backyard late this fall but not before it blooms a couple of more times.


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