Friday, July 11, 2014

~ Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum ~

Hello, my stitching friends!

It's promised my newest 
pattern release is now available!

~ Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum, ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers ~

Available for sale in my Etsy shop or by mail.

After much frustration in trying to photograph a pinkeep drum,
to show all the different motifs that go around the
diameter, I finally came up with this idea.....

I purchased some small mirrors at Hobby Lobby, and then
my wonderful husband attached them together to 
create a photo prop for me.

It worked, but was very tricky to get the right angle that 
wouldn't reflect other objects in the background 
through the mirrors!

There is a total of four squirrels all helping to gather bittersweet
for the autumn harvest of 2014.  

The back seam is finished by bringing the two end pieces together
to create a full diamond effect.  

The top and bottom seams of the drum were finished with 
little X's.

The bottom has a little velvet patch to cover the turning slit.
I love the old traditional feel of firmly packed sawdust,
 so this is what I used for the model. 

 Pinkeep drums packed with sawdust will hold there shape better, and will sit nice and flat on a surface. 

This design can also be finished as a sampler or long flat style
pincushion, if you're not comfortable making a 
pinkeep drum :)

Next week I'll share some of my favorite tips on working
with sawdust.


My Irishman is always surprising me with something....

......this time it was a little toad!  

The poor little fellow looks like it's holding its breath!

My goodness, I just never know what my next surprise will be?


To relax after getting my new pattern back from the printers, I decided to
go for a nice walk right here on our farm....

This is my favorite spot on the's like a little enchanted 
forest that leads to our secluded pond. 

My son Sam always keeps it mowed for us all to enjoy!

Along the path there are endless wild blackberries, which I'm
looking forward to picking next week.

I'll have to get dressed with long pants & shirt, to prevent
getting all scratched up.

 Plus, lots of bug the bugs don't carry me off! 


On my way back to the farmhouse I passed one of our fields 
planted in 'Crown Royal Vetch'....

The bee's are very busy enjoying this lovely field.


Our wild 'Purple Coneflower' is starting to bloom!

At one time we had over 3 full acres planted in various different was absolutely beautiful!


Waiting to greet me in our back yard was one of my
little rabbit folk friends.....

This little fellow is very friendly and will let me walk right
up to him.

 He loves eating clover and dandelions....non stop!

 I love to watch him everyday from the kitchen window
 while I'm cooking and doing the dishes.


Early morning misty shot of a local nearby farm.


This weekend will be spent getting caught up on some much
needed housework, and then bright and early  
Monday morning I'll be starting my next pattern....yeah!

Enjoy a fun filled weekend in YOUR corner of 
the world!

I will post again on Monday, until then....
Farmhouse Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. What a clever idea to display all sides at once. The new pattern is lovely. What a place you have to call home ... serenity at it's best.

  2. So lovely both pattern and your place called home!

  3. I love the new pattern. This is a must buy for me.

  4. Absolutely love it! Pure perfection :)
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Just found you sew glad I did!