Friday, July 18, 2014

~ Lazy Days of Summer ~

Hello stitching friends.

Hope everyone is enjoying the 
Lazy Days of Summer!

I've been busy as a bee this week 
keeping up with orders, and trying to get 
my next pattern designed....I'll
share a clue, it's going to have 
a Rabbit theme.


Today I've pulled out of my sewing collection a wonderful
item to share....

This is a beautiful old darning egg signed by the
marker.  The script handwriting is in a different language, 
I think maybe German?

It's dated "1886"

It's made of solid wood and has a clear lacquered finish.

Both ends are finished with little ivory plugs.


While picking up more copies of my new
pattern Bittersweet Gatherings from my little print shop
in La Crescent, Minnesota I just had to pull over 
and take a picture of this.....

A traditional Telephone Booth!

I showed the picture to my husband when I got home, and 
he said that this phone booth was on the news as one 
of the last standing phone booths in our area.

The sad thing is....they're going to remove it!

I'm really glad I got a picture before that happened!


Yesterday while walking my packages to the post office, I had 
to look twice because I thought I was seeing things.....

I could hardly believe it, this beautiful black rabbit
 was just sitting in someone's front yard!

Check out those sweet little white toes!
He must be someone's pet because he let me walk right
up close.


After dropping all my packages at the post office, I continued 
on for a longer walk, and was happy to see my three
favorite trees.....

Chestnut trees loaded with young growing nuts....which in
a very short time I'll enjoy watching the black squirrels
fighting over them!


I love going on walks because there is always something
new to see...

I passed by these lovely Day Lilies....

wonderful Daisies.....

pretty Yellow Daisies....

bright fuchsia colored flowers and....

my favorite Purple Cone Flower.

Please take time to enjoy all the beautiful flowers
in your neighborhood!


Have a great weekend, I'll post again 
on Monday....until then I'll be 
busy in my Studio.... designing That Rabbit!

~ Farmhouse Blessing ~
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Too funny about the phone booth. My husband and I just has a discussion about phone booths this week. We came to the conclusion there were none left. Perhaps this is the last one standing (anywhere) ... for a while longer. :-) The darning egg is a beauty.

  2. I can hardly wait to see your new rabbit design; I swear I am going to purchase each and every rabbit you design. Yippee, another rabbit. That black rabbit was a beauty, wasn't it!

  3. Can't wait to see what's next ...rabbits are wonderful! Love phone booth too bad they are removing it.....gorgeous bunny picture.

  4. Darn! I miss those phone booths, I really do. I was just thinking the other day, driving without my cell phone, if I broke down and needed to call AAA, I wouldn't even be able to FIND a phone booth. That Fuchsia colored flower is a bee balm, they are all over my garden. As a serious collector of all things sewing, I ask you to visit my post dated 7/19 and perhaps identify the age of a Spool cabinet I just purchased.. I noticed in one of your previous posts, that you have many of them, but since they were made from 1877 all the way up to the 1950's, I'm guessing at the age of mine. ...maybe you would have a clue? Jeri

  5. Lovely floral photos, Tammy! What a precious little black bunny! Looking forward to seeing your Rabbit design! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Robin in Virginia