Friday, July 4, 2014

~ Independence.....A True Blessing ~

Happy Independence Day!

Here in West Salem, Wisconsin we are enjoying
unseasonably cool weather the last few
days... today the temperature is 72!

I was hoping to release my new pattern
today 'Bittersweet Gatherings", but unfortunately
things don't always turn out as we plan!

Due to the holiday my small independent print shop lady
has taken an extended vacation!

She won't be back until the middle of next 
for sure it will be available next Friday.


~ Mauchline Ware Thread Holder ~

These types of thread holders were used to hold a ball of 
cotton crochet thread, and you would carry it on your wrist 
while you where crocheting.

~ Original J&P Coats label ~ Made in Scotland ~

My Grandmother used to crochet doilies and bedspreads in all 
her spare time, I loved watching her when I was little.

She was happy to teach me how, and I crocheted my first full
size bedspread when I was only eight years old....I still have it packed 
away in my moms old cedar chest.


My youngest son's name is Samuel, but everyone calls him Sam....he will be
turning 22 on July 29th.

He was so proud to become an Uncle two years ago, and loves to be called
'Uncle Sam'......

~ Uncle Sam ~

I always put this primitive 'Uncle Sam" out on display during
the summer months.


Does anyone else have a husband who loves to cook & bake?

~ My Irishman's first attempt at homemade Blueberry Pie ~

I had been working out in my Studio all afternoon and was so
surprised to walk into the house with the incredible smell
of this pie in the oven!

I was surprised he even used one of my pottery 'Pie Birds', this
little 'Pie Crow' was made by a potter friend of ours.  

I can't wait to share my collection of pottery Owls & Crows
this fall by the same potter....they are awesome!


While doing some errands I came upon this diligent little guard dog....

.......waiting for his master

He turned his back on me, so I don't think he liked having
his picture taken....he looks like he's very put out
with me!


While walking out to visit my husband's shop, I came upon this....

I'm not exactly sure what it is?

I'm really surprised that it didn't surrey off!


With all the cool weather we've been having, it's also brought
several thunder storms.  

 This lovely rainbow was right over our farm!

In years past we've even had some 'double rainbow's'.  

Do you remember the pictures a while back of my blooming lilac bush?
That big lilac bush covers the whole side of the round building 
in this picture.


We left for St. Louis, Missouri Monday morning at 9:15 a.m. because my son
Sam bought a car there. 

 We stayed over in Hannibal, Missouri, and got back home late Tuesday night.
This was a long drive, 7.5 hours each way!

Here are some scenes from along the way....

~ Barnes in Iowa are popular for being adorned with 'Quilt Stars' ~

Luckily Sam is fast with his IPhone at taking drive by photos!

I'll have to pester my husband about making my Studio
a 'Quilt Star'.

We passed lots of very old weathered barns.

Even this old weathered barn has a quilt star on it!

So many of these old barns where completely surrounded by endless 
corn fields!

The small town of Strawberry Point!


We finally made it to St. Louis and thank goodness for GPS...we finally 
located the car dealership!


After Sam bought the car we started our drive back home and
spent the night over in Hannibal, Missouri.....

~ Hannibal Court House ~

Lots of very old large buildings!

Hannibal, Missouri is an old river town made famous by
Mark Twain.

Check out this REALLY OLD JAIL!

Original old jail bars!


Tuesday morning we started our long journey back home, 
and everything was going well until we were just 
about to enter Garnevello, Iowa....

The skies were turning really dark and the wind was crazy!

We thought there might be a tornado or hail.....

We quickly found a little mom & pop gas station that happened 
to have a car wash, the people were really nice, and 
offered the car wash bay to protect
 Sam's new car & my Kia Soul
from the threatening storm!

Thankfully it ended up being just a major down pour....and we were
back on the road again.

We were all SO happy to be back on Wisconsin ground and finally 
pulling into OUR driveway.


Wishing everyone a happy & safe 4th of July weekend!

I'll be posting again on Monday.

Farmhouse Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Love old barns thanks for the tour...glad you made it home safely....Happy 4th to you & yours.....

  2. That little mouse like creature is a vole and they chew your plants. Not nice! Glad you made it home safe!

  3. What an adventure you and Sam had! I enjoyed the photos you shares especially of the barns with quilts. Glad you were able to find shelter on your way home and glad it wasn't more serious than a heavy downpour.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I copy and posted your mystery animal on my facebook page because i have allot of "animal friends". It turned out he is a vole aka meadow mouse. They are supposed to make a big mess of your yard with large tunnel systems...but they say the same thing about my chipmunks and they are so cute I have to feed them anyhow!!!! I think you were near the back end of the farm when you round him? maybe his tunnels aren't in anyone's way.