Monday, July 21, 2014

~ Summer Fair ~

Good Monday my dear friends!

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend, 
I sure did!

I spent all day Saturday in my Studio working 
on my next pattern release.  

After my husband's artistic eye and critiquing, a few
changes were made and hopefully later today
I'll be choosing just the right 
threads and linen.

One big advantage of having an artist for a husband, 
is that I can always get a good honest opinion 
from him (even if I don't want it), plus if I have many different shades
 of one color, and I'm frustrated with which one to pick....I just ask
 him and he always knows the answer!


Sharing with you today from my collection of needle cases....

~ Polish Folkart Needle Cases ~

I'm actually half Polish, which my Irish husband loves to give
me a hard time about!

I love the great folkart colors, mustard, black, deep orange!

The bottoms are both stamped Poland.  They are made of wood
and have a nice lacquered finish.


For those who love all things primitive, here's a great book....

~ Fragments by Jill Peterson ~

'Fragments' is a lovely full color book that will show you how to find inspiration in the simple things!

Copyright 2012
Hardcover, 143 pages


While on a drive to Winona, Minnesota we always pass this 
unique hill.....

From a distance it always reminds me of "Mt. Crumpet" from the
movie "The Grinch who Stole Christmas"!

It's so unique the way it looks perfectly divided in half.


On Sunday we went to our local Fair in West Salem, Wisconsin....

I thought this was a nice idea using a rusty old water
trough as a large planter.


For me the best part of the fair is getting to see all the animals,
and of coarse I'll start with my favorite....

This fellow actually reminds me of my pattern
~Spring Meadow~ that I released back in May.

I love spotted Rabbits!

Black ones are my next favorite.

Another spotted rabbit!


Wow what perfect timing, caught this rooster while he was

Wonderful redheaded rooster....

Shiny black rooster....

....and a golden blond rooster.


Oh, so sweet the chirping of these baby chicks!


These ducks were having fun entertaining the crowd!

These guys were making a lot of noise with their quacking!


Pretty Nubian Goat....

You can always distinguish a Nubian Goat by its long droopy ears, 
and high rounded nose.

Wonderful markings on this one!


This horse was so photogenic, full of confidence...she should
take up horse modeling!

I love to feel their soft noses!

This horse was standing with its back legs crossed!

Little miniature pony rides for the kids.


I've never seen a more beautiful colored Beef Cow!

These two milking cows look like they are enjoying a 
conversation with one another!

These nice grey cows look like they are enjoying a Sunday 
afternoon nap!


Check out the 'solid round rear' on this pig!

I've never seen a redheaded pig before!

Unique markings on this one!

After all the exercise these pigs were they are


~ Find Inspiration In The Simple Things ~


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning,
O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer
unto thee, and will look up....Psalm 5:3 KJV


Enjoy the peace that comes from sitting quietly 
pulling your needle & thread through linen.

I'll post again on Friday.

Farmhouse Blessing,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Why thank you Tammy, I enjoyed that. It has been awhile since I was in the animal barns at the fair and it brought back great memories. I could actually smell the fair just looking at the pictures. I can hardly wait to see your next release, I am so excited it is going to be a rabbit...

  2. I could smell it too Candace! lol

    I haven't been to a fair in some time. I used to show rabbits in 4-H, one year I also showed a steer. Thanks for all those farm animal pictures, I sure enjoyed looking at them!

    Will also have to check out that book too. ~ Jessica

  3. Just love the whole post! Animals are such a blessing in our lives and bring such joy! Thanks for sharing your adventure...

  4. Well girls, I was thinking the same thing about the smell of all the animals. A step back in time. Brought back wonderful memories of my childhood.
    Thank you Tammy. The red colored beef cow reminds me of the red heifer of the bible ... without spot or blemish.

  5. Loved your fair photos, Tammy! Thank you for sharing!

    Robin in Virginia