Friday, September 12, 2014

~ Cool Autumn Breezes ~

Hello dear friends and stitchers.

Each new week brings so many great opportunities
and new is good!


Old samplers are so lovely to look at, and fill my soul with 
such a peacefulness....

This sampler has a lady after my own heart!

SPRING is my favorite season of the year, and as you all
know by now I have a big heart for RABBITS.
(Maybe it's because my birthday falls some years on the 1st day of Spring,
March 20th)

I've been busy sketching a few Spring sampler ideas 


Here are two more NEW 'Out of Print' sampler
patterns by The Primitive Needle.... the late designer Lisa Roswell.

I will be listing these as Ebay auctions later tonight.
If you are interested in bidding on either of these, please
click onto my Ebay link on the far right information
column....and it will take you directly there.


While walking here on the farm you must always be watching
where you are walking, because you just never know
what you might step on......

This was taken early in the morning, while the dew was still
on the grass....YIKES!

My son Samuel took these pictures right as this spider was
waking up, and making its way out of its hole!

Awesome WEB, but I stay clear of spiders!


On the brighter side of things, there is a local guy who flies
his hot air balloon over our farm every year....

Here it comes....heading our way!

One year he actually landed in our field, and we got to see
the balloon close up.


Lately the skies have been filled with some incredible clouds....

These clouds look so low in the sky, it's almost like you could
just reach up and touch them!

Rows of long after another!

Even the evening skies have been wonderful....

To the right you can see two house lights on in the dark, and
it looks like two eyes!

I've even got a photo of a big moon....

For some reason that I don't understand, my evening pictures
get really pix-elated :(


This weekend I'm going pumpkin hunting.....

I'll be looking for great pumpkins, gourds, Mums, and some
Indian corn :)


~ Nice old Squirrel print ~

 I'm sure all the squirrels are busy gathering
their stash for the Winter!


Also, this weekend I'll be sitting down to start sketching
my next Winter Sampler pattern...I'll have to put thoughts of 
Spring on hold for a few months.

My thoughts and ideas are very clear in my head, so now I 
must put them on paper so I can work out all
the little details.  

I will share one little clue ~ This winter sampler
theme will include a very special rabbit.

It won't be Abby ~ I'm SAVING her name for a Spring Sampler!



Thou art my hiding place;
thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
thou shalt compass me about 
with songs of deliverance.

~ Psalm 32:7....KJV ~


Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather, and have
some fun decorating!

Please come and visit me on Friday to see my
front window display here at my Studio :)

Until then....take care!

~ Kindly, Tammy ~

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  1. Love the Spring Sampler she is lovely.
    I do Miss Lisa designing.
    Your outdoor pictures are wonderful, however the spiders scares me yucky.