Friday, September 19, 2014

~ Planning Ahead ~

Hello dear friends and stitchers.

This is the time of year when I start 'planning ahead' 
for the new year coming up.

  I love to start my
search for a very special desk planner
 calendar designed just for needleworkers! 

Check out the one I now have available in my Etsy shoppe....

~ A Needlework Enthusiast's 2015 Book of Days ~

by Needle Work Press.

    This special calendar is perfect for the needleworker who loves 
samplers, or to give as a gift to a needlework friend.

This is a month~at~a~glance calendar featuring quotes, 
vintage art and an antique alphabet chart.

  The cover this year is a vibrant
1745 Boston Band Sampler.  

The calendar size is a 9 by 12 softcover calendar book with the twelve months of the year.  This nice size is perfect for a desktop or fits nicely into your favorite sewing bag.  Each month has a section where you can write your notes & musings, or use as a journal of your stitching projects.  

Also, a page to list email addresses, websites, phone numbers, etc.

Also includes an antique charted Alphabet for your use.

I'm very traditional and will always love the feel of having a pretty 
calendar in my two hands....hope calendars will never go
out of style!

This lovely calendar is NOW AVAILABLE in my Etsy Shoppe, please
click onto my  Etsy Link, which is located on the far right information
column and ZAP it will take you directly there!


I finally found some time to go Harvest Shopping....

~ Bittersweet Flower Market ~
Hwy. 16, La Crosse, Wisconsin

This family run shop turned their wonderful old barn 
into this unique floral and gift shop.

It is very quaint looking with Ivy growing on the barn, and 
big ferns.

This time of year they always offer fresh Bittersweet...that's
what I'm hoping to find today.

Their pumpkins are already picked over!

Once inside you'll see how they turned the old silo into
a little gift ware cove!

They also have an upstairs loft....this angle in looking down to the 
area below!

Yeah, I finally found what I came looking for.....

Hanging from the barn beams are fresh bunches of 
'BITTERSWEET' to pick out just the 
right bunch!

As I was leaving the shop to get into my car, I happened
to notice a rabbit tucked under a bush....

Kind of a homely fellow....but nobody's perfect!


I'm still on the search for some pretty 'Mums'.....

Our little local grocery store actually has a really 
nice selection!

I thought this was a nice display at our local produce stand!


Now that I'm back home I'll show you what I picked out at
the Bittersweet Shop....

I didn't buy a lot, but here are my two wrapped packages
laying on top of a neat old cart from our barn that
I'll be using for a harvest display.

I think I picked out the biggest and longest bunch of Bittersweet!
Plus, I couldn't resist this nice branch of Cotton.


My son Samuel took a few great pictures this week here on 
the farm, I really like this one....

This is such a rustic shot of this tree toad resting on the 
rusty handle to one of our shed doors.

....and here's the best shot!


And now this really tops all of Sam's awesome video's......

Great photography Sam....thanks for being in the right place 
at the right time!

This is the same woodpecker....just on a different post.


Hope you enjoy a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Please come back and visit me on Monday.  I have some
VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with everyone!

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

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  1. What pretty Fall displays.
    Oooo, I love Bittersweet, but it's hard to find here.
    What an awesome Woodpecker video.