Friday, September 5, 2014

~ Miss Isabelle Black Coming Soon ~

Hello dear friends and needleworkers.

Oh how times flies when you're busy and enjoying what
you're doing....I had to double check my I~phone to
make sure today was actually Friday!


I haven't seen my sweet rabbit friend Abigail all week, I hope she's 
okay....maybe she met her Abner and is busy starting
a little family of her own!

I was so excited to get a great deal on Ebay for this awesome piece....

~ Original cast rabbit ~

You can find lots of reproduction examples of this rabbit, but
this was the first original one to come up on
Ebay since I starting doing Ebay about three years ago.

I will be using this rabbit here in my Studio as a scissor holder.

It's so fun to find something special on Ebay.  This is one of those
 finds that I probably would never have found locally!


I officially finished the model stitching for my new upcoming pattern release last night at 12:15 a.m., and
fell asleep very peacefully knowing I would be able to get
it framed today.

 Here is the frame I'll be using....

I was so happy to have an antique frame in my stash that
will work perfectly!

If everything goes as planned I will be releasing this new
pattern on Monday ~ the title will be....

~ Miss Isabelle Black ~
©2014 ~ Scattered Seed Samplers


I love to daydream while I'm stitching, and this whole past
week I've been busy planning in my head my 
next design....

I usually have SO many ideas floating around in my head, and if 
I don't jot them down on paper it's easy to forget them!

I love the convenience of making myself notes on my I~phone,
which is with me at all times.


A few weeks ago when I posted the field trip to Country Sampler,
I had shared a new Christmas book I bought, today I'll 
 share a closer look at the contents.....

Christmas Eve with James Cramer

~ Lovely Hardcover Book
~ 75 pages of color photos
~ ©2011 Jill Peterson
153 CR 2139
Iredell, Texas 76649
(254) 364-2694

 ~ Table of Contents ~

This lovely book is full of great Christmas decorating ideas!

Filled with inspiration on every page!

Even some outdoor decorating ideas.

My favorite ideas is the lamb laying on a bed of moss in an
old dough bowl.

Also includes several do it yourself projects throughout
the book.

This book gets a 5 Star Rating *****


This must be a year for 'MOTHS', I keep seeing unusual 
large moths everywhere!  

Check out how camouflaged this one is.....

This moth was sitting on the front porch and I nearly 
stepped on it!

The wings are fuzzy with iridescent soft colors.


My little Granddaughter Rachel is so full of energy,
here she is taking a little break....

She is such a little lady and LOVES to have her 
picture taken!


Our local weatherman is forecasting a beautiful cool 
weekend, I'm hoping to go for a nice walk in
West Salem.

I'll be watching for busy squirrels gathering Black Walnuts,
and Chestnuts....hope to get some good photos.


Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend.

Please come back to visit me on Monday to 
see the reveal of ~ Miss Isabelle Black ~

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,

~ Kindly, Tammy ~



  1. I only removed it because I called the new piece Ms Isabelle Black instead of Miss Isabelle Black... It said--Oh no, I have to wait until Monday to see Miss Isabelle Black??? I am not sure I can. Oh well, I guess I must. So, until Monday...

  2. Tammy, love the new bunny piece you bought on e-bay what a treasure! Can't wait to see your new release.....have a wonderful weekend, blessings.....