Friday, April 17, 2015

~ Humble Hare Handwork Club ~

Gorgeous Spring weather is in the air, 
just the perfect walking temperature...yay!

I'm so excited to announce that 

Humble Hare Handwork Club

is up and running....

Are you a a needle worker with a passion for stitching Rabbits/Hares?

Humble Hare Handwork Club will be offering four, small, 
exclusive handwork kits per year that will reflect these humble four 
legged friends.  

Each kit will be designed to be both practical and unique for the 
passionate hare lover at heart ~♥~

To reserve your club kits....memberships are now available
through my Etsy Shop ~ click below for direct link

I'm offering two payment options ~

~ One time payment of $129.61 ~ through Etsy OR
~ 4 quarterly installment payments of $32.40 ~ please call me to 
set up arrangements at (608) 799~4418

The first kit is scheduled to ship in mid May :)


I was so excited to discover a new Studio friend 
outside my window, who was just hanging out while waiting
for news about the new club....

This new friend must be kinfolk to Abby....she doesn't run 
away when I talk to her!

In this first picture I caught her busy washing her face
with a back paw!

But wait till you see this next picture....

What a darling pose!!

Next, she decided to relax while I told her all about the
new Humble Hare Handwork Club!

I asked her to come back and visit often, 
and to tell her friends they are always welcome to 
hang out around my Studio anytime!


It is a beautiful sunny 72° here today!

There are so many amazing things that make me
smile this time of year...

Two pretty little red Tulips...just soaking up the sunshine!


My mammoth old farmhouse Lilac bush....

Big buds just waiting to bloom!


Yay, they're back....

 Mama & Papa Robin busy re~modeling last years nest!  

I was so happy to see they found the snippets of thread that 
I scattered around the yard..... hoping they would find!


I was surprised to find this fellow outside my Studio door....

Visitors are always welcome...except moths are NOT!


And look who else is back....

Mr. & Mrs. Dandelion....excited to populate the farm!


I love glimpses of the Amish Folk, and their simple ways!

Black horse, black carriage, and dressed in black!

Also, check out that huge old Willow tree in the 
back ground!


These next two pictures were taken by my son

Beautiful skies!

Wisconsin country sunset!


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

My husband loves to write poetry and today I'm 
going to share one of my favorites....

It's half of who we are, that other people see.
The good and bad inside, dwell there collectively.

We choose the better path by no strength of our own.
But rather by His grace our worthy seeds are sown.

©William Black


Now, I'm off to enjoy a lovely Spring walk to the post office :)

Hope you're enjoying Spring time in your neighborhood!

Have a great weekend!

Spring Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Great post. And pictures! I did enjoy the sunshine and warmth today in Wisconsin. :)

  2. WOW...insightful poem...thanks for sharing. Lisa K