Monday, April 13, 2015

~ Weekend Adventures ~

Hello dear friends near and far!

Wow, I had a great weekend!

I had planned on being a complete home body
this weekend, but it turned out 
completely different!

These little Studio friends would like to show you some
of my road trip handwork...

Whenever we go on a weekend road trip my husband always I can stitch!

Here are some little rabbit motifs...

These little fellows will all be finished as pincushions.

Each one will be finished differently and then I will be 
selling them right here on my blog!

They are all stitched on 35 count Weeks Dye Works linen ~
Almond Bar, Havana, and Chestnut.

I'll be stuffing these pincushions with natural Sheep, Llama 
and Alpaca roving.

Makes wonderful pincushions....super soft!

Plus, I'll be adding natural roving to my full line of 
pinkeep fillers in my Etsy Shop...sometime yet in April.

Hope to have them finished up ASAP!


I didn't get as far as I had hoped on these pinkeep boxes...

I have them all painted and ready to antique.

I only have one finished.  

I love woven coverlets, these sweet little pinkeeps
will be covered in a variety of coverlet designs,
and stuffed with natural fiber roving. 

I'll also be offering these original handworks of mine
right here on my blog.  No two will be alike!


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of going to a local 
annual antique show.  

I was so excited to find two beautiful pieces that made their 
way into my heart and came home with me....

I instantly fell in love will this wonderful old lap desk!

I'll be using this perfect size (16" by 9") oak box to store my 
favorite pallet of DMC floss bobbins in.  

It's nice and bad smells!


And here's my second find....

Wow, what a lovely!
I've always been drawn to "Mission" style oak pieces.

It has a total of 16 spool spindles, 
and four nice clean drawers.


On Sunday my family and I drove to the Wisconsin Dells area, 
Sam came with and got a few great pictures...

Can you see the wild Turkey?

  Really camouflaged this time of year!


Check out this attention seeker getting gas...

I'm not sure if this motorcycler is trying to look like
a "Viking" or the "Devil"?

He seemed to like all the attention he was getting!


Sam's spectacular sunset.... 

My son Sam seems to have a real nack a capturing 
spectacular sunsets!

Wow, perfectly centered between the trees!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, 
and he shall lift you up.

~ James 4:10...KJV ~


Have a great week my friends!
I'm looking forward to visiting on Friday.

Spring Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy 

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  1. What a lovely post. You are drawn to rabbits, as I am drawn to poodles. ;)