Friday, August 7, 2015

~ Cherished Embroidery Hoops ~

Happy Friday dear friends!

How would you rank your priorities in life?

Here's how I rank mine ~ 

~ God
~ family
~ work

Just some seed for thought!

As promised on Monday, today I'll be sharing my stash
of embroidery hoops gifted to me by my 
dear Grandmother...

My 10 dearly cherished embroidery hoops!

My Grandmother grew up during the depression, 
then raised a family of six, knowing well how 
to save a penny!

To my amazement, I have a great appreciation for her
choice in investing in only the best hoops during her time!

Sewing notions were her weakness, so I not only
inherited her collection, but her passion right along with them!

No two hoops are alike!

Many of them are stamped "Queen" ~ USA, one is
 stamped "Princess" and another is stamped "Holdtite" ~ USA, 
and several are unmarked.

I love each and every one...thanks a million Grandma!

I've been daydreaming about the lovely
Autumn days ahead, just looking forward to being 
chilly and  putting on a sweater!

I took some time this week to design a special little
Halloween sampler that will be released to the public...this 
will not be a club piece!

Here's a peek of some embellishing fabric I'll be using
to give a special touch to the sampler...

Plus, I'm excited to use one of these beautiful vintage
Amber rings is found recently while antiquing!

 I'll be working on this sampler at night, 
while working on kits in the Studio during the day.

Humble Hare Handwork Club update...

When I finished the upcoming model for
"Humble Gatherings" I had used the only green 
ribbon I had available at the time...brighter than I had wanted!

When my order of ribbon arrived this week I was so 
excited to find a much better match...less bright and looks
more like Autumn!

The new ribbon choice is shown as the cut strips, 
all ready for the kits.  

Hopefully you can see the color difference between
to two?

I've always admired unique garden sheds, while
out driving around we found two sheds
worthy of turning around for, so I 
could share them with you...

Oh my goodness, how clever some people are!

A roof over a tree stump, an added
window with little shutters,
flower box & real flowers 
door on hinges,
 steps...they really went all out!


A~frame earth shed!

From the front you can't see it, but this is built 
into a hill, like an earth home...

I wonder what it looks like inside, 
and what it's being used for?

Do you like watching the clouds?

I love the big fluffy rolling these!

I love to watch them dance in the sky, and turn
into all sorts of creatures and things!

 Warm summer days,
 plus cool summer nights,
equal beautiful flowers!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

But the path of the just is as the shining light,
that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

~ Proverbs 4:18...KJV ~

Enjoy a super weekend!

Take time to spread "kindness" does the body good!


  1. Beautiful hoops! Have a blessed weekend Tammy!

  2. Firstly, before I forget, I am spreading kindness everywhere I go. That is just how I am. ;)
    Those sheds are truly awesome! I really enjoyed your pictures and post today my friend.

  3. What lovely heirlooms. The stand and tools along with the hoops are such a treasure.

  4. Quiet beauty in such simple, utilitarian objects. I admire your lovely collection of hoops, with such a nice patina and a connection to your grandmother.