Thursday, August 13, 2015

~ Good Olde Gold Rush ~

Hello friends and it Friday already!

This week flew by way to quickly...however, I'm really
 looking forward to a fun filled weekend!

The simplicity of roadside wildflowers make such a 
lovely arrangement!

Not only did this week fly by,
 but so did the entire summer!

I never miss the last Gold Rush of the season...

yep...the last show until next spring!

I've dusted off my "Matilda" Market Cart and
we're all set to hit the road...

Hoping to find some special treasures that are
looking for a good new home.

Do you like antiquing? 

Flashback Friday,

Here's a photo of me taken in May of 2011... glad I don't wear those glasses anymore!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

The Lord reigneth;
let the earth rejoice.

~ Psalm 97:1...KJV ~

Sorry for the short post...lots to share on Monday!

"Life is Goode" with a joyful heart!


  1. I do like antiquing. Not able to do it at this time in life. Strapped for cash.
    I rather like your glasses.
    Is your last picture an old cabin near you?

  2. It's so nice to put a face (a very pretty one) with a blog. Happy antiquing Tammy.

  3. So wished I could make it this year love going. I will look forward to seeing what treasures you find enjoy! Safe travels....many blessings.....