Monday, August 10, 2015

~ Summer Splendor ~

Hello friends and neighbors!

Isn't it wonderful to have weekend's to
call your own!

All work and no not good for the soul!

What is a prickly wildflower, which most people consider
an annoying weed?

Answer ~ Bull Thistle!

I'm really torn when it comes to this wildflower, 
so beautiful yet so prickly!

The bees, butterflies and birds all love to gather round, 
I myself must allow them some time to bloom 
and show off their colorful side...before cutting them
down so they don't go to seed.

Then there are the innocent delicate flowers...

No thorns here!

And our beautiful Purple Coneflower is fading quickly...

Even though their beauty will quickly fade and wither...I love
 the dried flower heads they leave behind!

The seeds found in the dried flower head will attract

While out on our Sunday drive we stopped at a 
small town Corn broil...

Very popular small town events here in the Midwest!

Great tasting corn on the bad they don't 
offer dental floss!

You could even get a wagon ride pulled by these horses...

I'm sure they'll be happy to have all those harnesses taken off!

The assemble line is shaping up for the 
Humble Hare Handwork Club kits that will be
shipping out August 20th...

This week I need to edit and print the pattern...then I'll be
all set to start bagging them up!

Please meet a country farm hen who is trying to decide
if she should change careers...

She's contemplating all the pro's and con's of becoming a 
"hen~model", she's deep in thought wandering what
 her chances would be...what do you thing?

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth:
but the word of our God 
shall stand for ever.

~ Isaiah 40:8...KJV ~

Take care my friends...see you on Friday!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Life is goode! I think she is an excellent model. ;)

  2. I think your hen is a shoe in. There is a love hate relationship with the thistle in my neck of the woods too.

  3. Tammy, one of my favorite verses!! Thank you!!

  4. Indeed Life is good! I vote model for the hen. She is lovely!