Monday, August 17, 2015

Miss Matilda...coming soon!

Welcome friends and neighbors to the start of 
a brand new week!

How are the temperatures in your hometown?

All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was
absolutely beastly hot here in my area!

We decided to go to Gold Rush on Friday
before everything got all picked over!

I'm so glad we did or I might not have been so blessed 
to find such wonderful sewing treasures to 
add to my ever growing collections...

It's possible to find scissors, thimbles and tomato pinkeeps
individually...but scarce as hens teeth to find
a complete unused set in the original box!

I think me heart missed a few beats when I saw this lovely
original box stamped Sterling Silver on the lid...

On the bottom is the hand written provenance stating
to whom this set was gifted and dated...I'm still
in awe!

The little tomato is in mint holes or leakage!

The scissors are still sharp!

I love the wonderful old patina on all three pieces...should 
 I polish them or not?

This was my best ever Gold Rush for finding
these hard to find Sterling Silver pinkeeps and emeries...

Isn't this the sweetest little apple cutting board?
It worked great to display all my goodies on!

Starting on the left side ~

~ small tomato pinkeep
~ acorn emery with Sterling Silver cap
~ Sterling Silver acorn thimble holder w/pinkeep tip
~ green Stanhope childs thimble holder

right side ~

~ small tan heart emery/Sterling cap
~ large taupe heart emery/Sterling cap
~ mini tomato waxer/Sterling cap...rare!

bottom ~

~ Sterling Silver fish needle case

I love, love, love them all...especially the fish needle case!

I also love to collect bee related sewing tools... 

Check out this sweet turned wood "Bee Skep" 
thread holder with a cutter on top!

Unscrews to refill with a spool of thread, then fed through
the little hole. 

Even has a built in thread cutter on top!

My last treasure is for my old sheep collection...

Lovely cast iron sheep...front side.

...back side.

Well, I'm all antiqued out until the spring
Gold Rush!

I love to sit and stitch surrounded by all my 
 collections...they fill me with peace and contentment!

I would like to share this last photo with you because
it is such a wonderful early shaker piece...

What a great early basket...I could only afford to take
a picture of this piece!

~ Studio News ~

I'm happy to share with you a sneak peek of a 
Halloween sampler I've been working on...

Coming soon..."Miss Matilda"

Model is being stitched with overdyed threads on 
Weeks Dye Works ~ Confederate Grey.

I'm really having fun working on Matilda, 
and hope to have her released very soon to my distributors!

Look at who watches me close up the Studio at night...

These little "Tree Toad" guys love to hang around the Studio yard lights!

With suction cup toes for intricate climbing missions and 
such big eyes...they are truly unique little critters!

This fellow is content hanging out on my bird house roof,
directly under one of the night lights.

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

choose you this day whom ye will serve:

...but as for me and my house, 
we will serve the Lord.

~ Joshua 24:12...KJV ~

Enjoy a great week my friends, until Friday...take care!

My first sighting of "Goldenrod"...a sure sign
  that Autumn is just around the corner!


  1. What Fablous treasures you found so wish I was able to have made the trip...I will certainly not miss it again! Enjoy them so beautiful! Can't wait to see what your new design is...blessings...

  2. I love all your treasures - what a wonderful day you must have had. And I can't wait to see Miss Matilda! blessings, marlene

  3. Awesome finds! My breath would have been taken away!

  4. It's a hot 91 or 92, no humidity! Ugh. Great treasures you found. Can't wait to see what Miss Matilda will look like!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I loved seeing all of your new treasures!!! I adore pincushions of any kind, and your new ones are so wonderful!!! I especially love the heart shaped ones and the boxed set is truly beautiful!! How could anyone part with it?
    Hope you have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  6. What great treasure you found!
    The scissor set is great, and I absolutely love the emerys and thimble holders.

  7. Breath taking finds Tammy! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Yes, beastly hot down on our side too. Now humid with the rain.
    What awesome, fantastic finds!

  9. What great finds!! Where is this held? I'd love to go to this one time. Can't wait to see your new design!

    1. This was the 43rd annual "Gold Rush" antique show, held in Rochester, Minnesota at the Olmsted County Fair Grounds. There are two shows every year, the first one in May and the second one in August. The show promotion is by Townsend Show, Inc. (641) 832~2700 or (507) 269~1473. Hope this helps, and you live within the surrounding area! Kindly, Tammy :)

  10. Gorgeous treasures! Don't polish, just use a soft silver cloth carefully, I learned this from an antique dealer. You want to keep the patina :))

  11. What amazing finds! The set is gorgeous and I would not polish off the patina.

  12. Tammy, I want to come antiquing with ! :)

  13. Tammy, I want to come antiquing with ! :)