Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn Gatherings ~

Welcome friends to Scattered Seed Samplers.

I can now officially breath a sigh of relief, all 
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club kits, Etsy and Ebay orders
are shipped and on their way...yay! 

Every year I get a craving for a good caramel apple, 
how about you?

I'm having fun experimenting with some 
 non traditional ideas...

This is a very tasty choice if you love pears like I do!

Makes the pears look so wonderful for this
Autumn harvest time of year!

Do you like your caramel apples plain...

Using hand picked twigs work great for a 
more rustic looking handle!

Or, do you prefer your apple with nuts?

I must have nuts on mine!  

Here are some great ideas to make eating a caramel 
apple a little less messy...

Apple chunks dipped in caramel with a toothpick,
how easy is that!


Scoop out the core and fill with caramel, 
let stand until firm, then cut into wedges!

So many possibilities...have fun being creative in your

Here are some recent farm field pictures...

We have lots of dried Queen Ann's lace all over the farm
and I love how it's surrounded by these sweet 
little daisy like weeds.

Such simplistic beauty!

I love any kind of  Sunflower plant this time of year!

Look at these colorful beauties, especially 
the ones that are already drying up near the top!

Yesterday, to my surprise there was an artist
all set up on the roadside painting our second cutting
of hay bales in our field...

I stopped to chat with her on my way back from the 
post office...she even uses a neat looking chair!

I love surprises, look at what was gifted to me this 
morning by my friend Ona...

 She had stopped early and dropped off these wild 
branches of Bittersweet she found growing
in the woods!  

She said this wild variety has larger berries than 
the "American Bittersweet" she has growing by her house.

There was a cluster of an old wasp nest laying in the bottom of 
my wheel barrow...I added it to the branch for a 
special touch!

Ona and I are planning a Bittersweet outing 
next week, I can hardly wait!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

A word fitly spoken is like 
apples of gold 
in pictures of silver.

Proverbs 25:11...KJV

Enjoy a great Autumn weekend!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. I LOVE your blog!!!! You are such a wonderful and creative artist and friend...thank you!!!!!

  2. I was so hungry for a caramel apple after reading your blog they looked so good must get some apples today at farmers market....thanks for sharing...blessings for a beautiful weekend!

  3. Haven't had a caramel apple yet. I will! Have a glorious weekend!

  4. How nice to see all of that fall beauty. Your apples and pears look wonderful. The sun isn't up here yet, and I was ready for one. :)
    Have a lovely Saturday.

  5. Tammy, I absolutely love your caramel pear and apple ideas. I know my preschoolers will love it. "F" is for fruit. :-) I'd already planned on juicing apples, but this will be a wonderful and fun addition.

  6. Got my Little Sparrow club kit several days ago. I love trees, leaves, and blackbirds. How did you read my mind? Love it

  7. Got my Little Sparrow club kit several days ago. I love trees, leaves, and blackbirds. How did you read my mind? Love it