Monday, September 28, 2015

The Waiting is Over...

Welcome friends, hope this Monday finds
you bright and cheery!

Weekends are just the best, 
a time to relax and spend time with family,
 get caught up on some much needed housework, 
and plan for the new week ahead!

Do you remember me mentioning an auction I won
 last week on Sunday, September 20th?

To my surprise it was already
tracking in Chicago on Thursday the 24th,
and left St. Paul, Minnesota yesterday!

Did I mention this package came all the way
from the United Kingdom.  I still can't believe
how quickly it arrived...only one week!

The waiting is over...

 Hello, I hear you have lots of nuts here in America!

I'm so excited to add this handsome antique squirrel
pincushion to my ever growing animal collection!

The minute I saw him up for auction I knew it would be a 
battle to bring him home to live here at Scattered Seed Samplers!

But, what good is money if you can't enjoy spending it 
now and then!

I have just the perfect piece of vintage velvet to restore
his pincushion back to glory!

Looks like he's ready to go nut gathering...I'll have to
 find or make the perfect nut for him to hold!

During this Autumn season I'll be sharing some of my
other Studio Squirrel friends.

It's easy for me to get distracted with other things, 
such was the case in answering an email that
sent me searching for an item, and in the 
process found a pile of charts that I'd
completely forgotten about!

My last available pattern of Near Halloween' by
the late Lisa Roswell of The Primitive Needle. 

A close up of the verse.

Do you remember the wonderful patterns
by "Birds of a Feather"?

Oh, how I loved to stitch these incredible designs, 
I even developed "Tennis Elbow" from stitching
non stop models for my former retail shop 
Salem Stitchery!

"Lost spirits do not embody me on this 
Night of All Hallows Eve"...2001

If you love Halloween and cats...this is a must have (2001).

"Fat Cat"...too many treats (2003).

"Beware of Cat"...2002.

"All Hallow's Night"!

And 6 "Out of Print" Blackbird Designs charts...

Fond Hearts, Fair Daffodil, My Gift to You...from 2005.

Mildred's Garden House (2008), Easter Parade (2005), 
My Missouri Home (2006).

ALL of these great charts will be listed 
this Thursday evening as auctions in my 
Ebay shop.

On Friday, I'll post the direct Ebay links for your

Weekly Soul Food

And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, 
and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2...KJV

Friday, I'll be sharing an update on the next release
for The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club.

Until then...busy hands, happy hearts

Love this roadside country barn,
 photo courtesy of my son...Samuel Black. 


  1. Wonderful squirrel he is a nice addition to your place! Lovely assortment of charts you have squirreled away....good luck on eBay you will make some one very happy! Blessings

  2. What a treasure to add to your collection!
    Hugs :)

  3. Very cool!! I know he will be happy when restored. Received my BEAUTIFUL kit today....too pretty to unwrap!!!!! Didn't know the tiny acorn was included.....sooo excited!!!!!

  4. Love the squirrel. Absolutely agree with you on spending money when you can; can't take it with us! Those are some oldies but goodies you have there. Will have to check out the Primitive Needle chart.

  5. He's a keeper!
    What a great find.

  6. Oh what an adorable squirrel! :)