Monday, September 21, 2015

Sheepish Countryside ~

Welcome friends...did you enjoy your weekend?

I sure enjoyed mine, best weekend I can remember 
in a long time...everything just was perfect!

Sunday, was especially spectacular;
I was the winning bid on a very special auction, 
  I can hardly wait until it arrives from the
 United Kingdom so I can share it with you!

My family and I enjoyed a gorgeous countryside drive, 
and took lots of pictures.

Ending the day watching the Green Bay Packers play
Sunday night football against the Seattle Seahawks:

Final Score ~ 

Packers 27
 Seahawks 17

Getting back to that countryside drive,
luckily my husband and son don't mind when I
need to stop and get out to take pictures!

Sure hope you like sheep...

How can you resist a face like that!
Ears are pinned back...not to sure if she should be talking 
to a roadside stranger like me!

She finally relaxed her ears and listened very
carefully to what I was saying!

Then to my surprise her friends heard me talking,
and came running to see what was going on...

What a perfect quaint country setting for a gorgeous
flock of the piles of hay and old farm building!  

Very curious indeed!

The leader of the flock is also a mama...look at that sweet
little face beside her!

My first friend is now joined by a gentle fellow 
still chewing some hay!

I love this shot...what a perfect sheepish model!

These two black faced fellows were very cautious and the 
last to check out what was going on!

It was finally time to say so long, fair well...until me
meet again!

Which one was your favorite?

Heading down the road we passed these fellows...

To busy eating to get their attention!

Last, we came upon this...

A countryside "Grotto".

I have a dear friend who 
has Bittersweet...

I'm so excited about going Bittersweet gathering 
with her!

Remember the giveaway drawing for the
 little pumpkin fellow...

I have an update...he is all settled in his new home living in 
sunny California!

Julie, the winner of the little pumpkin fellow
 has a beautiful blog... 

Please visit my new friend Julie by clicking onto the 
above photo.

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

For ye were as sheep going astray;
but are now returned unto the Shepherd 
and Bishop of your souls.

I Peter 2:25...KJV

Smile and be happy...they never go out of style!

Have a great week friends, see you on Friday.

Autumn Blessings, Tammy


  1. Such beautiful peaceful sheep! Thank you for that. I needed this uplift for my evening!

  2. What a lovely drive, I like the barns best. The sheep were nice though. We have lost so many barns around here, that to see a great barn like that just make me happy.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Great pics.
    I can't pic a favorite sheep, they are all gorgeous.
    Love their coats!

  4. Fantastic sheep pictures they are adorable what pretty country side....blessing for a great week!

  5. A sweet post. Can't wait to see your auction win. Go Pack Go!

  6. Your sheep pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
    Love that grotto.
    Congrats to Julie. She is a sweetheart for sure.
    Hugs :)

  7. Love seeing the sheep....and wish I could go bittersweet gathering with you! blessings, marlene