Friday, September 4, 2015

Studio Stash Jars ~

Labor Day truly opens the door to the  
beginning of Autumn!

The joy of harvesting pumpkin, squash and gourds!

Mine is more like 12~work, 8~rest and  4~leisure

Is your schedule balanced?

On this Labor Day, please remember our ancestors who
labored hard at establishing America...the land of the free! 

Studio Stash Jars...

Today, I'll share my favorite bulk pinkeep fillers.


Fresh Lavender buds from France!

Can be used alone or added to other fillers, 
such as sawdust to give a soft aromatic scent to your finish.

Cherry Tobacco...

Fresh 100% Cherry Tobacco

This is a sentimental favorite of long passed 
Grandfather smoked this tobacco in his pipe!

A very fond memory of my childhood!

I add approximately 1~2 Tablespoons to my traditional
filler such as sawdust or ground English walnut shell to add
a lovely aromatic touch to pinkeeps and pinpillows.

Ground English Walnut Shell...

Using ground English walnut shell will give nice added
weight to a project.

I especially like using this in the lower part of a pinkeep
drum for stability...while using sawdust in the 
upper portion.

It also works well by itself, giving a nice medium feel.

Whole Flaxseed...

This is a non~traditional filler that I love to use if I want
more of a loose...beanbag feel!

White Rice...

Rice is another great filler if you're looking for a 
beanbag feel!

I love this old was my Grandmothers!

Farm Fresh Sawdust...

Saved my all time favorite for last!

Packed firmly this is a TRUE traditional filler!

Most antique pinkeeps were firmly packed using was inexpensive and very available!

My original secret which I shared on Facebook's 
Primitive Stitchers Society over a year ago...I'm happy to
see members are on the hunt for these 
antique oil jars!

These were my two candy jars that I used in
my retail shop Salem Stitchery & Antiques from
after transitioning my retail shop into
my design Studio Scattered Seed Samplers
2014~present, I pondered for many
days what I could now use my candy jars for?
(Worked great for dispensing M&M's, Jellybeans, etc.)

 Their new life as filler jars was an amazing discovery!

They work perfect for filling projects;

~ quart size jar for storage
~ built in funnel (fits into hole of project being filled) 
~ keeps work area neat & tidy!

Absolutely priceless!!

I offer many of these fillers in my Etsy shop, 
here is the direct link...

I've been watching this "No Parking" sign every
 day while on my way to the post office...

Thought I'd better get a picture of it while I had the chance,
last year I had been watching it, and the day
I was going to take a picture sadly discovered someone
had removed the climbing vine!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

Come unto me,
all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28...KJV

Take care my friends,
 and enjoy a 
safe, fun and relaxing
Labor Day Weekend!


  1. You have the most wonderful collections...thank you for sharing!
    Enjoy a weekend filled with an abundance of stitching time...
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  2. I totally agree with the 12 hours of work and 4 hours of leisure. That is cute.
    I love your jars. I could just imagine the smells.
    I was cleaning my chicken coop last weekend, as I was putting in fresh sawdust, I thought, next time I am taking some out for my pinkeeps. I do love working with crushed pecan shells for stuffing. I think the oil cans would be a wonderful Idea. I remember when you shared them on Facebook. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thanks for such a lovely post, Tammy. Lavender is one of my favorite fillers too but I agree that sawdust is the best! I never thought of using cherry tobacco but I am definitely intrigued :)
    Hugs to you,

  4. I bought your sawdust last week and haven't used any yet. I have a pin drum that I would like to put together (fingers crossed) this weekend and like the way your drums look. My schedule is not balanced! I'm 11-work, 6-rest and 7 leisure. Need more rest! Thanks for the info on fillers.

  5. A very interesting post Tammy. I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I so enjoy visiting with you.....

  7. interesting about adding some cherry tobacco to the sawdust for fragrance. I'll have to try that. Always love visiting your blog - just rarely comment to say so and I get discouraged because people don't seem to be blogging and commenting much any more so I am trying to do better. Cheers Mel