Friday, August 12, 2016

The Storm has Passed ~

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!
It's been like a whirlwind here in the Studio 
this week...time literally flew by!!

Plus, a tornado like storm with high 
winds really took a toll on our wooded land!

Our power was out for many, many hours...
we're so thankful things are finally back to normal!

Thank goodness for old fashioned kerosene lamps! 

My husband has been busy surveying all
the damaged trees...

This big old Walnut tree was probably 
100 years old...completely uprooted!

Countless other trees were split and shredded!

Lots of tall Pine trees...gone!

Some split in mid air and dangling! 

So sad, so devastating, lots of mess, 
and lots of clean up!

Luckily it missed the farmhouse and buildings!

Our next door neighbors lost a silo, while
many near by houses had severe roof


For Sale on Ebay...

(Prairie Schooler Design from 2008)

I'll be selling several Halloween Samplers that 
were all shop models from my former 
Salem Stitchery Shop...all stitched 
and framed by me personally!

To go to this Ebay auction ~
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This next one is by Plum St. Samplers...
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The Prairie Schooler...
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The last one is also a Prairie Schooler...
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These finished models are all looking for 
good new homes and are ready to 
hang in YOUR home this 


Weekend Soul Food...

"Be strong and of a good courage,
fear not, nor be afraid of them:
for the LORD thy God, 
he it is that doth go with thee;
he will not fail thee,
nor forsake thee.:

Deuteronomy 31:6...KJV


Wishing you all a 
wonderful weekend,

I'm truly blessed to have your continued support
with my newest release "Be Ye Virtuous"!

Thank you so much...all ordered have been shipped!


  1. So sad to loose so many beautiful trees. Happy that you had no house damage.

  2. So sorry for youre loss of beautiful old trees Glad no harm was done to youre home and hope the neighbors have repairs done quickly The new sampler is so pretty Jave a great weekend

    linda m

  3. So sorry you have such a terrible loss. Glad your home was spared.

  4. I can relate to the pain of losing old trees. I watched in horror from my porch, following a week of rain, as a 200 year old Maple in our drive slowing keeled over and crashed across our bridge, just missing an out-building and our fences. What a mess! Good luck with cleanup!

  5. So sorry for your loss! Thank goodness no harm to your home and everyone is safe.

  6. Wow! We did not see this damage in town! So glad you and your family are safe!


  7. I hope you recover soon from the storm.
    Sorry you lost so many trees, especially the 100 year old.
    At least it didn't damage your home and no one was hurt.
    We had torrential rains here yesterday, but no damage like that.

  8. so sorry for the loss of your beautiful trees. So glad you are safe.

  9. So glad your losses were not worse. So much work involved in clean up. Be careful in the heat!

  10. It's heartbreaking to lose any tree, but the 100 year old walnut - terrible!

  11. Make something wonderful from the walnut--turned bowls, needle chests, etc

  12. So glad you were all safe. It's sad to see those tall old beauties lost, but I think Mother Nature will have some lovely surprises for you in store in the Spring. All those new, open spaces will be filling in with different flora, and a new mix of animal neighbors will be wandering in...