Monday, August 1, 2016

Lovely Linen ~

Welcome dear needlefolk friends ~
Hope you enjoyed a restful weekend!

Schoolgirl Samplar Club Update ~

Decisions decisions, 
with so many lovely linens to choose from
picking just the right one is a process
of elimination... 
So many important factors to consider!

~ you prefer soft or stiff?
~  count...28, 30, 32, 35, 36 or 40?
~ color...light, medium or dark?
~  effects...plain or overdyed?

The chosen schoolgirl linen 
for the second club kit will be...
"ABECEDARIAN" Blend Linen 
 by R & R Reproductions

Schoolgirl Trivia ~
Do you know the meaning of Abecedarian?

Pertaining to the alphabet...
One who teaches or studies the alphabet,
one who is just learning; beginner.

Now, about those important factors...

This 36 count Abecedarian linen is soft 
to the touch, hand overdyed  in
a medium dye bath.

When ordering this linen I requested a
medium tone because not everyone
likes the darker tones!

I think this lovely linen will make
a sweet Schoolgirl Samplar...what do you think?

Class is almost full...
But, there are still a few seats available!

If you are interested in joining the 
Schoolgirl Samplar Club, please click onto the
schoolgirl photo above or click HERE for 
all the details!


I enjoyed a fantastic stitch filled weekend,
enormous progress was made on the 
soon to be released Bee Samplar!  

I hope to have the sampler all finished in the
 next couple of weeks...maybe sooner!

I'll share a sneak peek in the next few days!

This Bee Samplar will fit nicely into a 
standard 10" by 10" frame.


Sunday, I enjoyed little break from stitching
  to take a walk on the farm...

~ Purple Coneflower and Queen Ann's Lace ~

I always enjoy the wild flowers that bloom
in the fields surrounding our pond.

~ Marsh Milkweed ~

Being very careful to watch and listen 
for busy bees and wasps!


Weekly Soul Food...

When a man's ways please
the Lord, he maketh even his enemies
to be at peace with him.

Proverbs 16:7...KJV


Wishing you a wonderful week,
filled with contentment as we share the love
of our needles!

Farmhouse Blessings,


  1. Beautiful linen choice--one of my favorites

  2. Pretty linen.
    Love the old Beeskeps picture.
    The Queen Anne's Lace has gone wild here, must be the hot weather we've had.
    Seems to a lot more than last year.

  3. the linen is gorgeous ! I used to see that color every now and then but not for many years. Lucky you with that huge stack. Can't wait to see your sampler - glad your wasp stings are all better - Mel

  4. LOVE Abcdearian from R & R Reproductions, so glad you chose it! Would love to see a Schoolgirl Sampler done one 40ct, too. So glad you are recovering from your wasp stings. My arm swelled up from a sweat bee sting when I was a child, have avoided bees ever since. Eagerly looking forward to your next designs!