Friday, July 29, 2016

Sooner Begun...Sooner Done

Welcome dear needlefolk friends ~

What a wonderful week of
fully recovered from my scary wasp ordeal!!

Tuesday, I finally "Beegan" stitching
on my soon to be released Bee Sampler...
Stitching the wonderful traditional 
alphabet in this samplar was so relaxing!

Right now I'm working on the border,
saving the center motifs for last...

Sooner Begun...Sooner Done 

Sewing is the best medicine for me...
My soul yearns for my daily dose!

I'll be working my needle with
great passion to bring to you this soon
to be released Bee Samplar! 

Love old Beekeeping photos...
Delight yourself in simple things,
and your heart and soul will be overflowing!


These little gofers look so cute and innocent...

Cute maybe...but innocent hardly!
They are very busy digging tunnels every where!

Do you have little critters like this in your yard?


Discovered a fallen nest this morning...
Taking a closer look at any fallen nest is so fun,
to see if I can find any of my thread clippings that
I scatter around the yard for them!

Hooray, this one has several woven into 
the center of the nest!

I love how this little bird chose such 
an interesting choice of fibers...
Lots of seedy little sprigs!


We had a line up of endless 
Barn Swallows on our power lines...
They just kept coming and coming!

All this busy activity lasted for about 3~4 days...
In the seventeen years we've lived here,
we've never witnessed anything like this!


Look how loaded the Chestnut trees are this year...

I'm sure the squirrels are patiently
waiting for harvest time!

Have you ever seen a Chestnut up close?

They have a very thick prickly outer skin that
continues to dry.

When they are ripe they fall to the ground and
the dried outer skin cracks open to reveal 
the chestnut hidden inside.


Weekend Soul Food...

A man's heart deviseth his way: but
 the Lord directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9...KJV


Hoping you will find time to relax 
into your stitching chair this

Farmhouse Blessings,


  1. You always include such great pictures.

  2. What a wonderful post, Tammy. It was full of my favorite things.

  3. Pretty fabric for the Bee sampler, can't wait to see more.
    Yes, we have at least a gazillion Chipmunks here!
    They ate the Hen'n Chicks out of my pot this year!
    I was so mad at them! All these years, they never touched them.
    Interesting about the Barn Swallows.

  4. Love the new sampler! And all your nature pictures. My favorite past time besides stitching is watching all the different birds that come to my feeders. Have a blessed weekend. Sue

  5. We have two chipmunks that drive the poodles wild!! I will be in my stitching chair this weekend.

  6. Those birds look amazing all lined up in the wire..... Enjoy the simplicities of summer~

  7. I feel like we just took a small walk together-thanks!