Monday, March 2, 2015

~ Lost and Found ....Panic In Between ~

Hello and welcome dear friends to the wonderful 
month of MARCH....cheers  *\o/*

♦♦♦ Studio News ♦♦♦

If only my Studio rabbit friends could'd probably hear
 them chattering about the REALLY EXCITING NEWS
I'll be releasing later this month!

This gathering of friends still can hardly believe what I'm 
up to....I almost can't believe it myself!

In case you're wandering what the crock's a folk art
lion lamp.

Rabbit friends from every corner of the Studio are gathering
 together to make sure they heard the rumor right!

So please check back every Monday & Friday so 
you don't miss out on the news flash!

I can hardly wait to tell you!!


Do you believe you can give yourself a heart attack
by doing something REALLY STUPID?

Well, I came about as close as you can get to finding out
on Saturday while I was out fabric shopping! 

I was having the most wonderful day in town, I 
treated myself to a great salad at my favorite restaurant,
called my sweet designer friend Lori of Notforgotten Farm
to wish her a Happy Birthday, and then started my
search for homespun fabric.

I finally found just what I was looking for at the third shop I stopped at, BUT 
as I was leaving the shop I did something REALLY STUPID! 

Traffic was really busy and I didn't even realize what had
happened until I was parking my car at my next stop.

That's when 100% panic stuck me like you wouldn't believe!

I reached over for my purse and my little project bag that held my
finished model for the Little Sparrow Pinkeep purse 
was there BUT the little project bag wasn't :(

A hundred thoughts must have raced through my head
while I sped back to the shop...praying that whoever found it would
be an honest person!

Fifteen minutes must have passed since I had left....a lot can happen
in 15 minutes!

When I  entered the shop a store clerk was putting away empty 
carts...when I told her what happened she told me someone had just
found the project heart was still racing as we walked
together to get it.

I explained to the clerk about why I was so panicked over this

I would also have missed my Needlwoman charm that
hangs from the zipper!

I was overjoyed that there really are some honest people still in 
this crazy world!

The carts in this shop are black, and the back side of my bag 
is black...must be why I didn't see it.

While leaving the shop I remember being distracted with a 
young mom and her cute little son, who reminded me
of my son Sam when he was that age.

Did I learn a bet I did!
Will I always remember bet I will!
Did the clerk like my model.....yes she did!

It's hard to believe I came SO close to losing my finished model!
Had it turned out the other way around...I probably would have given
myself that heart attack!


Would you like to see the chosen bolt of fabric....

I love it....19th antique reproduction cotton print.

It has a very lovely old look...just what I was looking for!


One of the quilt shops I stopped at 'River Road' also carries
wonderful seasonal decor. 

Look who came home with me in the back of my Kia Soul....

This 31" tall chocolate looking rabbit was a must have for the 

It barely fits on the window ledge.

  It's a heavy plastic, so I think it will work
 out better outside....

I'm sure we'll have more snow....should be safe in this urn.


Sharing some of Sam's photos today...

Amish buggy in traffic while going through
Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

I love this next building...

It looks like someone is living in this old school house...lucky!

I think this would make a perfect antique or needlework shop!


Sorry for the long, wordy post today!

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

In everything give thanks.

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~


I'm still giving thanks for my Lost & Found project bag!

I'll be revealing the finish of the first 
Little Sparrow Pinkeep....VERY SOON! 

Have a great week my friends!

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers
Kindly, Tammy 


  1. Thank goodness you found it and thank goodness you did not give yourself a heart attack!!! Can't wait to see it. Happy Monday.

  2. Oh Lordy that was a close one! SO happy you were reunited with your piece ~ and I love the fabric chosen…it is so 'you' ~
    I'm off to our local quilt shop today as well, need to do a little shopping myself!!
    {and your rabbit friends are too sweet ~ all of mine say 'hello' to all of yours!}