Monday, March 23, 2015

~ Scattered Seed Pinkeep Fillers ~

Mother nature waited just long enough for me to 
enjoy a wonderful First Day of Spring, my birthday, 
and a fabulous we're back in 
winter wonderland!

On Friday, I was taken by surprise by a flood of over
150 birthday greetings sent to me on my 
facebook timeline!

Wow, that sure made my day extra special!
Thank you SO much...I love that so many took the time
to remember me!

Let me introduce you to a special new Studio rabbit....

Meet Mr. George, he traveled all the way from Westport, Connecticut 
to come live here at Scattered Seed Studio.

Thanks to my friend Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm for
sharing the link to the garden shop ~ Terrain ~

He's such a the silly expression on his face!


I was really surprised when I opened my present from my
hubby and son....

A wonderful antique Lion Bank!

I started my Lion collection back in high school, and loved 
drawing Lion's in art class.

~ The Lion shall lie down with the Lamb ~


My family's been complaining that I'm out working in my 
Studio too late at night.

So, for weeks I've been planning on taking a weekend off to
rearrange our 'Keeping Room' aka (TV room) to 
accommodate a extra computer table....

Saturday my hubby and son were out doing errands, while
I worked like crazy to do the make over before they
got home.

They were really surprised when they walked in the house!

Then we went shopping for a small computer desk that would 
fit into this old farmhouse!

I was so excited to find this nice 'Mission' style desk, it has a black
tinted glass top, and a pull out key board drawer :)

I love my new 27" monitor and computer tower!
The monitor I use in the Studio is a 24", the extra 3" is awesome!

Now, I can stay in the house after supper, be will the family and
still work on designing, emails etc......I love it!!!


This is still March, and I do live in Wisconsin, so it's no 
surprise that mother nature had a little more 
winter in store for us.

This is what we woke up to....

6" of fresh snow!

All of our snow was gone for a short time!

So my poor hubby had to pull the tractor back out of the shed
and spent the morning plowing out our long driveway and
around all the's a real project!


~ Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ~ Update ~

Currently the one year membership dues can be paid
for through my Etsy listing, and will continue that way.

 I'm excited to announce that I'll be
 adding some payment flexibility for those who
would prefer to pay quarterly.

This added feature will not be offered through Etsy.
If you are interested please contact me by calling 

(608) 799-4418 (Work Cell)


It is my mission to make Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club,
fun, exciting and user friendly :)

~ A Token of Spring ~ 

This first kit is still available, get your's while supply 
lasts...quantity is limited.


~ Studio News ~

Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be adding listings to my Etsy Shop
for a full line of pinkeep/pinpillow fillers :)

♦♦♦ Scattered Seed Samplers ~ Pinkeep Fillers ♦♦♦

I love finishing my handwork using traditional fillers....

~ Scattered Saw Dust ~

Saw dust will provide a very traditional firm feel.

This wonderful sawdust is courtesy of my husband's 
woodworking shop.

It will be offered in several different package sizes.

A 1 quart (4cups) bag will firmly pack 'A Token of Spring' 
pinkeep drum.  


~ Ground English Walnut Shell ~

Walnut shell will provide a still traditional but medium feel.


~ Lavender ~

Lavender works well for filling small drawer sachets.
Provides a medium to loose feel.


~ 100% Cherry Tobacco ~

When packing a pinkeep with saw dust,
I love to mix in approximately 1T of Cherry Tobacco 
  to add a wonderful aromatic touch!


~ 100% USA RAW Organic Cotton ~

You will absolutely fall in love with the traditional 
firm feel of using 100% cotton.

This organic cotton is simply the best....LOVELY to 
work with :)


~ Morning Glory Cluster Stuff Fiber ~

Airy, down-like clusters provide cushy loft.  Will never 
clump or bunch. Hypo-allergenic.


~ Bars of 100% Beeswax ~ 1 Ounce bar ~

These little bars of beeswax have a nice soft aroma as
you pull you favorite thread over the wax before 

I always wax my thread as it greatly reduces thread tangles!

I'll try to get as many of these fillers listed in my Etsy Shop 
tomorrow on Tuesday.  Here is the direct link ~


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet,
and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to 
thy Father which is in secret; and thy 
Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

~ Matthew 6:6...KJV ~


Have a wonderful week my special friends!

Spring Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy 


  1. Tammy: Thank-you for the information on the fillers.
    I am happy you had a wonderful Birthday.
    Happy Birthday.
    We had only three inches of snow, and the snow blower was winterized last week.


  2. oh my stars ! now we have cousin-rabbits!!!!! do you not LOVE Terrain? oh the endless possibilities there ~
    love the new fillers, esp the raw cotton ~ I'll have to try it!
    was 70* degrees here yesterday, you should come on over for a visit ;)
    a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ~ although belated, heartfelt still.

  3. Well, that was a nice birthday, cheers! It is very interesting to see the fillers you use, I am especially fond of the organic cotton for use in filling my fiber sculptures. I hope you are having much success with your pinkeep club, it is a wonderful idea. I would join, but I already have a dozen projects on my plate!