Friday, March 13, 2015

~ Studio Spring Cleaning ~

For as long as I can remember I've always loved  
to get the daily mail. 

Whether it be in hopes of a magazine or mail 
order usually ends up being monthly bills!

We have a long drive way, so if nothing else it's always 
a nice little walk, but Thursday I was surprised 
with a very lovely note card from a 
new Little Sparrow Pinkeep friend....

How very thoughtful Marsha....I LOVE it and it's sitting on 
my Studio desk where I can admire it often!  Thank you :)

The back side listed a website....

I've already checked out their site and love the selection they 

If you're in need of some special note cards,
just click onto their direct link provided ~


~ Studio News ~

We are enjoying beautiful Spring weather which seems
to go hand in hand with the urge to CLEAN!

While working away at my desk I had a sudden urge
to take a break and do some much needed
cleaning and rearranging here in the Studio!

First, my cutting table needed to be de~cluttered...

This photo shows more than just my cutting table, but I 
love the way the afternoon sunlight was shining in!

Wow, it feels so good to tidy things up!

Back in 2007, my dear husband built this 4 foot cutting table
and matching 8 foot work table....just for me!

It was so fascinating to watch them being built!

I tried out my new Gingher rotary cutter....cuts really nice!

Starting an assemble line for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club 
kits...shipping next Friday, March 20th.

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club would love to have YOU 
in on the fun...just click onto the Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club
logo on the far right column for all the details ~ memberships 
can be purchased either though my Etsy Shop OR with a 
personal check though the mail if you don't buy online.  


My second spur of the moment cleaning project was to 
switch my linen stash to a bigger cabinet....

This cabinet will work out much better with all the 
shelves and especially with the storage drawers

Lots of room for rearranging!

The rabbit sitting on the red egg is my favorite 
chalkware Easter rabbit.

I've got so many ideas for the red bowl full of linen scraps!


With the warm weather just about all our snow is melted...YEAH!

I even have some sweet little birds building a nest
above my studio door...just like last year!

This last picture my son Sam took a few weeks back....

Boat landing along the Mississippi River.


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

For wisdom is better than rubies;
and all the things that my be desired are not 
to be compared to it.

~ Proverbs 8:11...KJV ~


Do you have any Spring cleaning calling you?

Have a great weekend my friends...see you on Monday :)

Kindly, Tammy 
~ Scattered Seed Samplers ~


  1. Oh my gosh Tammy: I have started spring cleaning also. we did get rid of a table and chairs to a family in need along with a great desk, it was bound to happen closets are getting cleaned also, wow it feels so good.
    Next week I tackle my studio ouch its a job and a half.
    Your studio looks fabulous.

    Happy Easter

  2. Starting some sorting next week while I have the middle of the week off. Love your work area.

  3. Oh yeah, spring cleaning is calling me loud and clear! I'm admiring your work up on the wall of your studio. I have Lady Rachel Ruth in my rotation right now. She's a big one!

  4. Your workroom is just delicious, full of such lovely softness, doo dads and antiques. That basket of mending supplies is a sweet and generous gift, how delightful.

  5. All your cuttings so precise. I'm not surprised. Your whole shop has a place for everything and everything is in its place!

  6. Tammy,
    How pleasant your studio is..
    Spring cleaning is in the air
    for sure... Windows opened wide,
    Fresh air, Sunshine, I'm loving it..
    Always a pleasure reading your News..