Monday, October 26, 2015

Schoolgirl Samplar Club ~

Hello needlework friends!

Life's a beautiful journey,
 and I feel so blessed that I fell in love with 
a needle & thread as a very
young schoolgirl!

Along with my passion for antique sewing
notions, comes an even deeper passion for early 
samplars stitched by young schoolgirls.

Do you love old samplers with unique motifs,
alphabets, verses, houses, animals?

If so, then we are kindred spirits and hope you will
enjoy the new club...

I'll keep sharing more information over 
the next few months!

Hope you're as excited as I am!!!

My fondest childhood memories are of time spent with both 
  of my Grandmothers who shared their love of needlework,  
 animals, working very hard, recycling old things that 
   most people take for granted, not judging others
 and sowing seeds of kindness.

I hold very dear to my heart all things belonging 
to them...

My grandmother gifted me this little sewing tin in 1968,
I was only 7 years old but she knew exactly where
my heart was!  The tin looks like a 
floral needlepoint design.

Here's a peek inside...  

Still filled with old recycled string, ribbon, thread and
even an old tape measure.

"Secret Sunday Samplar" Update... 

I finally got a start on the top border and even a couple
animal motifs.

I love working with the silk thread!!

"Humble Hare Handwork Club" Update...

This week I'll be charting the design for the kits that are 
scheduled to ship on November 21, 2015.

The chosen linen will be 32ct. Country French ~ Golden Needle.

I'll have to go on a road trip to track down the backing fabric
 that I would like to use...hoping it's still available!

Winter lodging apartments for rent...

Two Bee Skep apartments have been given a fresh coat 
of paint and are ready to hang, just in time  
 for my winter feathered friends!

You never know what you might see while driving...

Six large crates of Pumpkins!

Love those white ones up front!

More cold, rainy days ahead for us this week...

I know what I'll be doing...STITCHING!!!

All the Sheepish Needle kits made it safely to the post 
office on Friday without getting wet...

Thanks to plastic bags and a big umbrella!!

But, as for me trying to take these pictures and hang
on to an umbrella all at the same time,
 didn't work so well...I did get wet!

But it was worth it!

Weekly Soul Food 

She seeketh wool, and flax,
and worketh willingly with her hands.

Proverbs 31:13...KJV

Wishing you a week filled with happiness,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Oh my, I am a sampler girl at heart! Your new club sounds wonderful!

  2. beautiful Autumn leaves ... and rain

  3. OMG!
    I have that same tin!
    My Mother's/Grandmother's buttons are in it. :)
    The new club sounds fun.

  4. Tammi, you are such a tease. I can hardly wait to hear more about the sampler club.

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  6. Lovely post today. I have an old tin My Great Aunt Ethel filled with buttons. :)

  7. So pretty. I feel the same about working with my needle and thread. I love the pumpkins, boxes and boxes. I love what you are currently working on, I love samplers too. I wish I could figure out a way to do it all. I would like nothing better to be in one of your fantastic clubs.
    I love your verse today. Such a wonderful reminder. Have a lovely week

  8. I am intrigued by the schoolgirl samplar club. You are a wonderful designer and have the best blog ever. The scripture is much appreciated.

  9. It has been rainy and dreary at our house for four days. Thank you for lifting my spirits with this post.

  10. Love your new club Tammy! I can not wait!' Your photography is amazing! Thank you so much for your Bible verse today. It is so very appreciated! ~AliciA

  11. Indeed I do love Antique school girl Samplers. Most of mine are reproductions since the antiques cost a mint. I do have a few old ones on the wall. My problem is finding the time to stitch all the Sampler kits in my cupboard, some of them purchased 30 years ago!. I envy the ladies that are able to do it. I am quite sure your new club will be a success as you are a delightful designer of marvelous goodes.