Friday, October 16, 2015

Squirrel Stash ~

Welcome you have any special
plans for the weekend ahead?

This is the time of year I love to dust off
my furry Squirrel friends so I can 
admire them throughout the 
Harvest season.

From my antique Squirrel stash please meet some 
of my special little friends...

Lots of different colored bushy tails all huddled together!

These five fellows are all old German Squirrels,
 three are Steiff,
one mechanical wind up, 
one mechanical.

I especially love these two!

Each one unique...they have all been buddies for years!

These are also German Squirrels from a very old
toy company "Wagner Kunstlerschutz", West Germany.

They are flocked handwork squirrels.  
No two tails are alike, each one has a different 
color of real squirrel hair.

They are holding little pine cones!

Does anyone else collect Squirrels?

I also love to add old bone rings to my handwork stash...

This old paper card is almost in mint condition!

I originally bought these with the intention of using them,
but I don't think I have the heart to remove
them from their original card...I'll probably NEVER
find another unused set like this EVER again!

For all my sheepish friends out there, 
I thought you might enjoy this fun little mail order catalog...

Just received this current copy a couple of weeks ago.

Full of great sheepish calendars, notepads, mugs, pillows,
rugs, socks, slippers, Christmas cards, jewelry etc.

If you'd like to receive a copy for yourself,
here is the contact info...

The shop owner is Carol Black.

Our farm is crawling with little furry friends...

(click on the arrow for a short video)

Busy little Caterpillars marching off to their 

Do you have lots of Caterpillars were you live?

With the changing of seasons, 
our days are getting shorter...

Autumn night by Samuel Black.

Weekly Soul Food...

But the fruit of the Spirit is

love (giving heart)
joy (gladness of heart)
peace (tranquility of mind)
long~suffering (patience)
gentleness (kindness)
goodness (generosity)
faith (dependability)
meekness (courtesy for others)
temperance (self~control)

Galatians 5:22~23...KJV 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Enjoy the simple things in life...for you 
never know to tomorrow may bring!

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
Kindly, Tammy 


  1. Tammy: What a lovely post and the squirrels are adorable, thank-you for sharing with us.


  2. What amazing squirrels. That is something I have never collected. I do see why you will keep those rings on that card. That is so cool. It must be wonderful to have a fall that I have only read about in books. I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  3. Great squirrel collection!
    Thanks for the info on Ewesful Gifts.
    Your son takes some awesome pictures, love that sunset pic.

  4. What a delightful collection of squirrels. I collect poodles! :D

  5. I have a few antique squirrels and even a very old taxidermy squirrel ( who is quite ugly, poor guy). I also Make squirrels myself, of mohair and needle-felting. Yours is a wonderful collection.

  6. Can you please tell me where I can buy witches hollow cross stitch pattern? Thanks