Friday, August 1, 2014

~ Errands & Farmer's Market ~

 Hello dear friends and stitcher's.

Sorry my Friday post didn't get out earlier in the day, 
but I was swamped with unexpected errands 
and a much needed hair cut!


I've got lots of different things to share today, so I'll
start by sharing a sewing item....

This is called a 'Sewing Kit'.  Beautifully hand carved with a 
grapevine design.

The top lifts off to reveal a sweet little sewing kit in the center.

The little sewing kit is a long wooden tube that opens up on the end
to hold needles, while the outside of the tube is designed to
wind several different colors of thread around.

These are such great practical sewing notions, plus they are 
so lovely and the craftsmanship is outstanding!


Does your sewing room library need a specialty stitch book?

~ Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano ~

Beautifully Illustrated throughout!
~ Hardcover
~ Spiral bound
~ 176 pages
~ ©1995

Here's a peek of the inside contents ~

Nice reference page with a stitching guide for fabrics, 
threads/yarn, and needles sizes.

~ Table of Contents ~

 Most of the pages feature lovely illustrations along with the 
directions for the different stitches.

Well written directions and user friendly stitch diagrams.

There is even a section in the back featuring stitches for 
people that are left-handed.

This is one of my favorite sections; it's 27 pages full of great 
stitch combinations....there is even a combination for
doing a 'Spider Web'.

This book gets my 5 Star Rating!!


Next up, a few glimpses from my work Studio....

~ My Grandmothers's old jars filled with buttons ~

My Grandmother recycled just about 
everything, and always instilled in me at a very 
young age....NOT TO BE WASTEFUL!!!

It's SO sad how today's society is just the opposite!

So now that I'm much older, I hope Grandmother would 
be proud of the way I turn old things into something
practical for my sewing passions.....

I love turning little wooden items into pincushions.  I get so
excited when I see empty wooden objects at flea
markets.....I could hardly wait to bring these 
home and turn them into these pincushions 
and thread holders. 


After my haircut today I stopped at our local
Farmer's Market that's held in one of 
the City Parks.....

These Pigeons were enjoying the kind handouts from
people passing by.

This is a small park that has a wonderful monument....


Presented to the City of La Crosse, Wisconsin back 
in June of 1965.

I hope this monument never gets removed like the old
Telephone Booth I featured a few weeks back!

Also at the Farmer's Market was a young girl
 playing her musical instrument.....

~ The park was filled with beautiful Violin music ~

Moving onto the veggies.....

Everything looks SO beautiful!

Such a large variety to pick from....

Makes choosing next to impossible....

With all my favorites, this is so much easier that planting 
my own garden....

Just look at these gorgeous tomatoes!

Check out this huge flower!

I love this idea for 'Hens & Chicks', and also candles!

~ Beautiful purple Iris's ~

 I love the Sunflower' pretty!!


So that's how I spent my Friday afternoon, and now
I'm going to finish stitching my new sampler so
 I can share my progress on Monday....yeah!!!

What a beast....I don't think I would want to 
cross his path!!


Enjoy a fun filled weekend, and I look forward to 
posting again on MONDAY :)

Studio Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,

~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Just love the sewing kit so beautiful! What a treat to have a farmers market like that near by...also so enjoy your finds and how you repurpose your Grandma would be so proud! Blessings on a wonderful weekend....

  2. Love all your little box pinkeeps ... I'm motivated to treasure hunt. The farmers market looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing your sampler..