Monday, August 18, 2014

~ Gold Rush & Country Sampler Tour ~

Is it Monday ALREADY....I had SO much fun this 

On Friday I had gone to the 'Gold Rush' antique show in 
Rochester, Minnesota, and on Saturday I went
to 'Country Sampler' quilt & cross stitch 
shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

I took over 100 photos this weekend, and I've been really
busy sorting through them all.....trying to decide
which ones to post?

So, I've decided to spread them out over the next few
posts.  Today I will share Gold Rush & a tour
of Country Sampler. 

 On FRIDAY I will share
outstanding miscellaneous  road side pictures and 
 share my purchases,
 for today I will show only ONE of my favorite purchases.....

Oh my goodness, my eyes really lit up when I spied this
extraordinary sewing box!

At first glance I had no idea just how special it was, and
upon closer examination I discovered this....

Not only does it have a roomy size drawer for sewing goodies, and
a lovely pincushion....the top lifts off to reveal an extra 
compartment for spools of thread and more storage!

I have many neat sewing boxes in my collection, but not one like

Over the years I've learned how to dicker with dealers and finally
settled on a reasonable price :)  

I couldn't wait to get home and add it to my collection!


Next, I will share a glimpse of what Gold Rush antiquing 
looks like......

If you're from out of town, you'll know you've arrived at the 
Rochester, Minnesota Fair Grounds by this HUGE 
ear of corn!

The air is filled the the aroma of fresh popped
Kettle Corn....

Kettle corn is a sweet & salty pop corn that is very tasty!

This vendor is just starting a fresh batch, as it starts to 
pop it lifts the lid and falls into this large copper

I'm finally entering my favorite building, which is called 
Graham North.  While walking to my favorite dealer
that I've gone to for many years, this sweet little
face was in front of me.....

I asked this young girl if I could take a picture of her beloved
poodle, and she said 'sure...just say the word treat'!
What a sweet face....I felt SO bad that I didn't really have a treat.

I'm finally at the absolute best sewing booth anywhere....

Every year I have the most difficult time trying to decided what to buy?

With her huge inventory of outstanding goodies, it makes
deciding next to impossible!

This large strawberry is very tempting!

I always have to consider my weekend spending it needs
to be something I don't already have!

These are sewing birds and clamps.  Check out the solid
brass fish...extremely RARE, and way out of my 

Talk about RARE, this is really an early piece..... but again it's out
of my price range.

 I can't wait to share with you on 
Friday....what I finally picked out????

Next, I'll stroll over to some of my other long time favorite 

This dealer always has wonderful old treadle sewing machines, 
spool boxes, spool cases, sewing baskets etc.

I already have plenty of old spool boxes that I use in the Studio 
for storing different lines of threads, but I still enjoy looking
at his beautiful selection.

The exceptional craftsmanship of these old sewing boxes 
just amazes me!

Two beautiful worktable pincushion clamps. Nice, but I'm still
going to keep looking.

This booth was also filled with all the things I love!

Decisions ~ Decisions ~ Decisions

Isn't this a sweet little 'Singer'!

Next, are some pretty miscellaneous pieces I thought you might 
enjoy seeing....

Wonderful old boots and hat.  Plus you need to have a closer
look at this old cow....

Extremely old cow with German glass eyes, leather
collar with a flat German brass bell...too bad the 
one foot is broken.

I'm really drawn to cast iron objects.  I love this rabbit's pose, but 
it's way too are a great inexpensive way 
to remember a special piece like this!

Here's another great cast iron piece...

There was actually a pair of these and they had SOLD
tags on them.....huge urns with a huge price!

This next item was just so unique.....

An old book press!

This booth specialized in very old rare books, the dealer showed
me the special edging on this book....

When this book is laying flat the edge of the pages appears
gold, but when you twist the pages it creates this
beautiful color image....WOW!!


Are you finally ready for the next feature?????

~ Country Sampler ~ Spring Green, Wisconsin ~

Quilt & Cross Stitch Shoppe

Spring Green, is a VERY small town, but this weekend is an annual car show and the entire downtown is lined with vintage cars.

When you first walk into Country Sampler, the first thing
you'll see is the unique window displays....

An antique brass child's bed with a pretty quilt, and some items
for sale.

This next picture is in front of the second window....

Jeanne sells lots of unique primitive decor.

You'll see lots of great displays for quilt fabric and 
sampler models....this sampler is by Stacy Nash.

There are bolts of fabric just about great
models to drool over!   Love that pillow!

Taking pictures is a great way to see all the little things I missed!

Great displays...wouldn't you agree?

I was so disappointed that the owner Jeanne Horton wasn't 
in the shop today....I enjoy visiting with her.

Jeanne Horton and I have matching license plates for our vehicles.
Her's is ~ SAMPLER ~
Mine is ~ SAMPLAR ~

Did you know Jeanne is also a fabric designer?
It was her fabric 'Orchard House' from 2012 that I used on my 
recent pattern release Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum.

Country Sampler is a wonderful shop to just relax and enjoy
the lovely ambiance!

As you look closely that these pictures see how many model 
samplers you can identify?

What a great shop for the passionate needleworker!

There is also a basement with clearance items....

These are the stairs that lead to the clearance area.

So there you have it....Country Sampler!

This shop definitely gets a 5 Star Rating *****


Finally, time for some....

Weekly ~ SOUL FOOD ~

Remove far from me vanity and lies; give me neither
poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me:
Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord? or 
lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God
in vain.  Proverbs 30:8-9....KJV

I have one last special picture from Gold Rush to share....

This is a VERY RARE old Bible....with beautiful images on the
edges of the pages. (The Lord's Last Supper)

The first image is of an angel chasing Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and the second one is David playing the harp for 
King Saul to soothe his troubled mind and heart.

I was just in awe of this beautiful Bible....I've never seen anything
like it before!


Sorry for such a long post, but please visit again on 
Friday to see the rest of my weekend photos.

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. This was a wonderful post Tammy. So many exquisite treasures.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful post. Both sections were amazing and fun...filled with eye candy.


  3. It definitely was not too long! I enjoyed seeing all the antique sewing items. I have a weakness for them. But alias I have not seen a lot of the ones you saw! Also as I have not been to the Country Sampler, I though lay enjoyed seeing their store.

  4. We don't have stores like that in the UK. Thanks for the wonderful tour! And those sewing antiques! Gorgeous.

  5. Tammy, I so appreciated this post living in MN I will have to make a point to get to Rochester still 8 hrs from me but looks so worth it....and I already had Country Sampler on my list! I see a road trip in the future....look forward to seeing your treasures!

  6. You found another fantastic treasure!
    Thanks for sharing all of the pics of the Antique Shops and Country Sampler.
    I enjoyed looking through them.

  7. WOW! I'm going to be a stow-away and travel with you! All those sewing treasures.

  8. just a beautiful, soul-filled post for the needleworker….a loverly visit with you Tammy ~ Thank you for taking us along with you my sweet friend!
    Blessed be,

  9. Oh Lori,

    Your posts was definitely not too long...I wanted even more!!! At the moment, I'm stitching the Stacy Nash sampler shown in one of your pictures. Next will be your Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum. I'm having to work real hard at not dropping the sampler stitching and picking up your Pinkeep drum right now.

    Thanks for the pictures...I loved every single one of them.

    Diane in North Carolina

  10. Oops...I meant to say Tammy - not Lori!! I had just read Lori's comment before I wrote to you!

    Diane in North Carolina

  11. Tammy, I agree with MoonBeam. I kept thinking "eye candy" especially when you began showing pictures of Country Sampler. I'm pretty sure it's about to be put on my bucket list for a visit--like I needed any more prodding. :-)