Monday, August 4, 2014

~ Harvest Hare...Coming Soon ~

Hello dear friends and needleworkers.

I love Mondays, and the fresh start of a new work week.
I only wish there were more hours in a day....I could
get so much more accomplished!


Today I'll be sharing from my collection a very early piece....

~ Early Etui ~

(Pronounced E-twee). Etui is a French word, much used in the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which describes a 
small portable sewing set, were the tools fit into
an interior frame.

The front hardware and back hinge are so unique, and are 
still in good working condition. 

  Plus, they have retained such a
wonderful old patina.

The inside reveals many different sewing tools.  The lining 
 would have been a much brighter purple, but 
the color has faded from age.

Lovely set of tools!

From left to right this Etui includes two sterling silver awls,
brass thimble, scissors, and a sterling silver seam ripper with a 
lovely purple stone mounted on the end, which matches
the original purple lining.

I purchased this Etui many years ago from an elderly lady, but
now every so often I'll see these offered on Ebay & Etsy....because they
are so early and rare they can be very pricey.


My book review for today is a very lovely Christmas book....

~ Christmas of Olde by Tina Woltman ~

~ Hardcover
~ 160 pages
~ Copyright ©2013
~ Printed by Custom Printing, Inc. Appleton, Wisconsin

Here's a glimpse of the contents....

 This book is full of beautiful color photographs.

Inspiring ideas for antique country decorating.

Notice the crocks filled with wool roving....great idea!

Old coverlets, books, candles, thread & a goat...what a 
great combination!

So hard to choose which pages to share, they are all filled with the 
best ideas, but the shelf with the old cats is 
my favorite!

 I really love old composition animals.  In the old world style of 
craftsmanship composition animals were a 'cottage' 
industry, and every family had their own secret
recipe for the composition that usually
consisted of wood fibers, glue....and 
their secret ingredients.

This lovely book definitely gets my 5 star rating!


I think the simple little clovers that my rabbit friends 
enjoy eating are so pretty.....

Such graceful shades of lavender!

 Another favorite of mine is 'Cobalt Blue' glass, this old 
salt shaker sits in my kitchen window sill on it even 
looks prettier with the clovers added.

 How I wish the clovers would have been blooming earlier
 when I released my pattern for Spring Meadow.... 

Would have been a nice photo prop for the pattern cover!


On Sunday I noticed my Tiger Lilies were starting to bloom....

Such a special color speckled with little black dots!


Now moving onto rabbit matters and my next pattern
soon to be released....

On Sunday I finished stitching the model, and here is 
just a little glimpse.....

I will share the title with you ~

~ Harvest Hare ~
©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers by Tammy Black

Today I'll be antiquing the finished piece and 
will share the finishing wool and ribbon I've chosen.....

This overdyed wool is by Weeks Dye Works in Kudzu (#2200)
I may or may not use the old black silk ribbon?

Hope to share the finish very soon :)


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

And be not conformed to this world; but be ye
transformed by the renewing of YOUR
mind, that ye may prove what is 
good, and acceptable, and perfect, 
will of God.

~ Romans 12:2 KJV ~


I will have to say bye for now, as I must take packages to 
the post office.

Please stop back and visit again on Friday.

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,

~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Wow love the antique sewing kit! What a treasure that is.....can't wait to see what you've got coming out next looking great.....

  2. That sewing kit is a real treasure. But what I love even more is the little leaping tin rabbit with the key!