Friday, August 15, 2014

~ Relaxing Weekend Ahead ~

   Good Friday MORNING dear friends and stitchers!!

Yes, I've really got my act together this Friday, I'm actually 
posting this in the morning instead of the late
 afternoon.....this may be a first for me!


I always thought it would be fun SOMEDAY to open a 
needlework museum, but for now I'm just 
enjoying sharing my years of collecting right here....

This is a beautiful early 'Thread Well' holder.
The color of wood is just marvelous!

The base is accented with little inlaid ivory studs.

I'm not sure what type of wood this is, but the quality of 
workmanship is really outstanding!

To use a thread well, you would lift the lid and place your 
ball of crochet thread inside,
 and then thread it through one of the eyelets....

The two thread eyelets are also ivory.

It looks like maybe the very top of the finale broke off 
over the years, but I still love the overall beauty.


Every year the Christmas season is always so busy, I'm
hoping this year I'll have more time to do some
special decorating.  I'm having fun just
paging through all my different Christmas books 
gathering ideas.....

~ The Pleasures of Christmas ~
by Early American Homes

152 Full Color pages
Published by Random House

Here's a glimpse of the contents....

This book is packed with traditional ideas for decorating your
home, holiday entertaining (recipes), gifts to make, and 
Christmas collectibles.

I love looking closely at the small details of each page, looking
for unique ideas.

I keep a small notebook by my stitching chair so while I'm
paging through a fun book in the evening I can make
myself little notes of the things I want to try this year.

 I've got a great idea for a 'Needlework' tree that I'll share
with everyone when it gets closer to Christmas :)

I like the idea of putting a small tree into a pretty 
old basket!

Lots of collectible Santas; painted chalkware and composition,
just perfect for the Santa lovers.

This book even has patterns with complete directions to make
wonderful old time looking ornaments.

Hope you enjoyed the preview for this gets
another 5 star rating.


For now I'm getting exciting about starting to decorate for 
fall.  In fact I pulled out my pair of large solid concrete
Owls from the barn....

I still haven't decided where I'm going to put them this year...I'm
going to start my Autumn mode on September 1st.

These Owls stand 25" tall and are so heavy I can't even lift
one....that's were my Husband & Son come in very handy!


Awhile back I posted my Tiger Lilies when they were just
starting to bloom, now look at them.....

What a great shade of orange!

These plants are so tall and top heavy they are leaning 
away from the porch....or maybe they are 
reaching for more sunlight?


Okay, now I have a confession to make.....the real reason I was able 
to release this post so early this morning is because I 
actually did it Thursday night, I'll be out
antiquing today.....

This is my absolute FAVORITE antique show that I have
been going to for many, many years!  

If you live anywhere near Rochester, Minnesota and are
looking for something fun to do this weekend....please
check it out!

It's about an hour drive for me, but I always look so forward
to it....yeah!!


Plus, I also have a very special day planned on Saturday, I'll
be going to my favorite cross stitch shop in the 
Madison, Wisconsin area.

I'll take lots of pictures this please 
come back on Monday for a special 
field trip to a very special shop!!

Hope you have a fun and busy weekend in YOUR
special corner of the world!

Blessings from the Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~




  1. Tammy, thanks for sharing your great antiques. Love your posts. Hope you find some treasures in Rochester! And, are you going to Country Sampler? Or what shop is your fav? I love to go there. Maybe we could meet there some and have lunch?

  2. Ahh another Christmas booklover--each year I revisit my Christmas books hoping to try some inspiration. Country Sampler? Your tiger lilies are beautiful!

  3. The thread holder is beautiful, what a great treasure.
    Love your big 'ol Owls too.
    Hope you had fun antiquing.
    Are you going to Lynn's?
    I LOVE that store!
    It's my closest LNS.

  4. Just wondering if you've tried drying your tiger lilies? Think they may hold that beautiful color ( for your fall decorating?