Friday, August 8, 2014

~ Good Things in Life ~

Hello dear friends and stitchers.

Hope everyone's enjoying a wonderful summer Friday!

This week has been so busy!  Harvest Hare Pinkeep pattern
will be going to the print shop on Monday and
will be released and available on Tuesday.


My Grandmother on my mom's side of the family was born in 
Hershey, Pennsylvania, so I have a real love for the
Pennsylvania Dutch Folkart....

~ Early Pennsylvania Dutch Pinkeep Box ~

Pennsylvania Folkart is known for this color of 
blue paint...I believe this is the original paint on this box.

This is a Thistle Motif, and looks like it is made 
of lead.

I love the back side with its hidden hinge construction!

It's nice and clean with NO bad odors inside!  

This is something to always remember to check for when 
purchasing old antique goods!

Love this pretty bright vintage fabric!


I have so many weaknesses for the good and simple things in 
life, great books is just ONE of them.....

~ Forever Christmas ~ Tasha Tudor
Written by Harry Davis

Hard Cover
88 full color photo pages

Tasha Tudor was well known as a children's book illustrator, and
for her primitive pioneer spirit, she passed away several years
ago......but her wonderful books live on!

Here she is making Christmas Gingerbread cookies with one of
her faithful Corgi dog companions....notice how the Corgi
is licking her chops!

Notice to the left, the sweet little old cookie turner with the 
long metal handle....would love to find one like this
while out treasure hunting.

Tasha had a big heart for ALL is one of her
cats enjoying the winter scenery. 

She loved her little herd of Nubian milking goats, which she
milked every day, and made homemade 
butter and cheese.

Here, she's with one of her beautiful black the 
picture on the left with him nesting in the basket!

This is a great book to sit, relax and enjoy a nice hot cup of 
coffee or tea while escaping into Tasha's wonderful
world of the 'Good Things in Life'.

This book for sure gets my 5 Star Rating *****


Out in the middle of our hay field is a lonely tree, but in the
summer it has these lovely companions....

~ Wild Day Lilies ~

Luckily I walked all the way out here when I did, because it 
looks like they are all starting to whither for the season.


Also, while out walking the farm I passed by some other
pretty flowers....

A summer favorite 'Queen Ann's Lace', so delicate and pretty!

Grows wild and free all over our farm and can also be found
along the country roadsides.

It's also friends in the Purple Coneflower field on the farm!


I'm not sure what this plant is called?

I'm sure it's some kind of weed, but still has such pretty little
clusters of bright yellow flowers.


Look who was waiting for me when I got back from my walk in
the fields.....

My little wild rabbit friend is really getting big!

He is SO friendly, loves to hear me talking to him, and will come
right up to my feet!


While organizing old photos into files, I came across a couple
of photos as a reminder of what shortly lies ahead.....

A snowy winter day from last can make you feel cooler
just looking at it!

This picture was taken from my upstairs bedroom 
window, looking down on my little 'Bird Garden'.


Until winter comes again, I'm going to enjoy what's
left of summer!

Enjoy a lovely summer weekend.  

I'll post again on

****** Also, I'll reveal my new pattern release ******

Harvest Hare Pinkeep©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers 

Summer Blessings from my Studio,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Your Dutch Pinkeep Box is a treasure for sure ... and is there anything prettier then Queen Ann's Lace. Wanted to let you know I just purchased an oil dispenser for my sawdust. I lost out on the first bid but I believe this one is better then the first. I'll let you know how fast I can fix my projects. :-)

  2. So pretty is your pinkeep box love the blue. Gorgeous pictures both Summer & Winter hopefully the later will hold off yet for awhile not quite ready for those flakes.....have a peaceful Sunday looking forward to seeing your next pattern release .....

  3. Great box that you found.
    I too, love Queen Anne's Lace, it's so delicate and pretty.
    I love reading your blog and enjoying the treasures that you post.

  4. Love your nature photos including the ones from last winter. I love the crispness and solitude of winter's snowy blanket. Looking forward to seeing your latest release. What a treasure you have with your pinkeep box.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Queen Anne's Lace is a favorite of mine, too. Could your yellow flowers be wild anise? Do the stems smell like licorice or fennel? Just a thought. Always enjoy your writing and photos.