Monday, October 13, 2014

~ Lady Rachel Ruth Released ~

Hello dear friends and stitchers.

I'm happy to say that everything went as planned over the weekend,
and I'm very excited to introduce you to my
new Winter Sampler pattern release.

So here she is....

~ Lady Rachel Ruth ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers~

In this peaceful winter scene, Lady Rachel is gracefully setting  
doves free from their caged life.

Symbolic of how letting our Savior into your life can set  
  you free and allows you to rise above a life filled with trials and for Christ is the key she
holds in her paw.

I thought stitching a white rabbit would be a lovely way to symbolize the
purity and hope that is found in the Christmas Season! 

Stitch Count ~ 242W by 183H
Model Linen ~ 35 ct. R & R 'Abecedarian' OR your choice.
Thread used ~ Crescent Colours, Gentle Art & WDW

This sampler is dedicated to my granddaughter ~ Rachel Ruth Black ~

I really enjoyed creating this design, and hope you
will enjoy this new pattern.

It is now available in my 
 Etsy Shoppe.


In last Friday's blog I shared a photo of a studio rabbit 
 that had a little 'Forget Me Not' sampler
showing in the background.

I had several inquiries about this little

Here is a full photo showing mate that goes with it....

~ Shepherd and Shepherdess Samplers ~
by The Scarlet Letter

This is a very old pattern from 1987, and the good news
is....... it's STILL AVAILABLE!

Go to
Click onto the Samplers tab, and type into the 
search bar shepherd and shepherdess and click submit

This is what the pattern looks like....

Graph only is $6.00
Kit with silk for both samplers is $35.00


Coming home from the print shop I just had to pull over to 
take a picture of the pretty autumn vines on this 
power line.....

I seem to be drawn to anything with vines growing on it!

The colors look so brilliant on this nice sunny day!


On Sunday the Packers played a VERY close football game 
against the Miami Dolphins....WE won in the last few

After the game we went for our Sunday drive, and 
passed a very unusual collection....

A farm field filled with a collection of WINDMILLS!

This is definitely a rare collection!

It looks like there are more waiting to be re~assembled.

 An antique piece of farm equipment.


Check out this old weathered shed.....

It even has some vines growing on it!

It's so much fun venturing down old country just never
know what you'll find!


Has everyone got their Halloween decorating done?

Owls are my favorite thing to display for Halloween.
I love this large wood Owl decoy with big glass eyes!


 maybe a rusty moon.....

It's hard to believe Halloween is only 3 weeks away!


I'll have to start putting summer things into the
garden shed for the winter.

.....and stock up on some fresh bird seed so I can start feeding
my feathered fiends again :)



And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free.

~ John 8:32...KJV ~


Hope you're enjoying the wonderful autumn colors and
decorations in YOUR neighborhood!

Please check back on Friday to find out what I'll
be starting on next.

Scattered Seed Blessings,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. I really really like the post and the pattern and will try to purchase it soon. Thank you for saying the Savior setting us free. I want to stay in his fold and never stray like I did before. Thank you also for the Bible verses at the end of your posts. God bless you with peace knowing you have been encouragement on the way to Him.

  2. I echo Karen's remarks. As our world seems to be getting darker and darker there is so much comfort knowing our Savior has everything under control. This pattern will be a constant reminder of His grace ..... thank you Tammy.

  3. It is quite simply lovely Tammy, thank you so much. I can't wait to start...

  4. It's a charming pattern, with a lovely message. I'm fascinated with the field of windmills! That's what I call a LARGE collection. It is kinda sad to put summer away, time to put the pumpkins and gourds on the porch.

  5. Just beautiful Tammy....looking forward to adding Miss.Lady Rachel Ruth to my stitching must do! So enjoyed your pictures great blog posting! Many blessings in the days ahead....

  6. Tammy, I saw your post on PSS and followed the link to your blog. God has blessed me, too, in being able to see His message of love in many things, even a small stitched rabbit with key. Bless you for sharing.