Monday, October 20, 2014

~ Sampler Sneak Peek ~

Welcome dear friends to Monday's posting.

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend filled with hours
of stitching on my next sampler soon to 
be released.

Thanks to my wonderful husband who offered to help me
pull the threads and linen on Friday night, so I 
could stitch all weekend!

He is REALLY good at picking out colors. I've come to
him many times when frustrated over color choices, and
he ALWAYS has a good eye for the right ones.

Today I'll share a little sneak peek....

Rich warm fall do you like the 
Indian Paintbrush flowers?

Saturday I stitched until 2:30 a.m. trying to finish the main
character of this sampler....I'm really excited about
sharing the finish!

My husband really likes this design and is very happy 
that I'll be finished with the stitching today.

I'll be releasing this pattern this FRIDAY!


My son Sam discovered some little bunnies this morning!!!!!

I'm not sure if they are Abby's?
They let Sam get pretty close while he took some pictures....

I was so excited when Sam showed me the pictures....I sure 
hope that they are Abby's :)

I'll be keeping watch to try to find out.

Just a little sweetie pie!


I went out to visit my husband in his decoy shop this morning
to see what he's been working on.

His shop is located in the old milk house of our 
big barn, and this is his entrance door....

~ Black Slough Decoys ~

His cluttered organized workshop!

Whenever I need something fixed....this is where I come.

This side is Sam's workbench area.

Lots of glass eyes....maybe he's making a new Owl?

Nope....He's making Loon's!

I love the old copper patch on this one!

  He's painting the feathers now,
   then he'll antique and rub it 
down to look like the one
sitting beside it.

Have you ever heard the sound a Loon makes?
It's really incredible....just like the incredible
talent my husband has!

I love his work and I'm very proud of him :)

This is what you'll see when leaving his shop....

He painted this duck hunting marsh scene on the inside of the
entrance door.

He is also a marshland poet, and has written
some really great poems over the years.


While on our regular Sunday drive we passed this
quaint old barn....

Love the curvy driveway!

And then there was this one....

Look at the old stone foundation!
The plants are hiding the best part.....

A old weathered lean~two with an old pick up truck!

How special!



Be still,
and know that 
I am God.

~ Psalm 46:10....KJV ~


Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, please
stop back on Friday to see the


Scattered Seed Blessings,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Incredible talent your husband has. Extraordinary pieces.

  2. Hi Tammy: Thank-you for a liyyle trip through your life, I await the new pattern.
    Very talented Husband you have now I see why he has an eye for color.
    Thank-you for sharing the beautiful pictures.


  3. Just found you and glad that I did. I will be sure to return and follow along...