Friday, October 3, 2014

~ Miss Isabelle in Spain ~

Hello dear friends and needleworkers.

Another busy week has passed by so quickly!

I received a lovely message from Barbara a needleworker who
had purchased my latest pattern for Miss Isabelle Black,
she also sent a picture of her finished work....

The exciting thing is...... Barbara lives in SPAIN!  

Barbara stitched her sweet pouch using DMC. 

 I love the little 
 crocheted flower on the top left!

Also, GREAT photography! 

Thank you SO MUCH Barbara for sharing your beautiful finish of
Miss Isabelle!  


I have not seen Abby (Abigail) in weeks, and have been very worried
about her!

Yesterday, I just happened to look out the kitchen window
at the right time....

....and there she was!

It looked like Abby was just sitting there
 wondering....where I have been!

It was very cold, damp and rainy out yesterday, but I happily walked
out to visit with her.  It sure made my day to know that
she is safe and sound!

I love Abby's dainty little front feet...she always poses so lady like.


The weather is changing so quickly bringing some very brisk
winds, which now explains the banging sound we've 
been hearing back behind our barn.....

At first it sounded like it was coming from the old silo.

....but it ended up being a little weathered door!

That will be a job for my husband to fix!

I haven't been back behind our barn for a long time, and
see that the weeds are taking over....

I really like this old weathered sliding door with original 
star hinges.


Off in the distance the trees are starting to change colors ~

I have even spotted a few caterpillars ~


Have any of you ever heard of the American Queen?

~ The American Queen River Boat ~

This was a rare siting, as this particular River Boat only comes
through our area every couple years.

Here's a quick little video ~


Our weatherman is predicting a chance of SNOW tonight, and a low temperature of 35!!!!

I don't think I'm ready to start digging out my winter coat yet,
but I may not have a choice :(


~ Studio News ~

I've been stitching non stop on my next model, and making
great progress!

My goal is to be finished with the stitching over the weekend, and 
will share a sneak peek on Monday's post.


Enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend doing the special
things YOU enjoy!

I'll be stitching, watching football and enjoying a good hot 

Stay warm and check back on Monday to see what's new.

Scattered Seed Blessings,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. beautiful finish from Spain :) ~ glad to see miss bunny is ok and I love the snaps of your bar Tammy ~ so pretty ~
    Blessed be!

  2. I too am glad to see Abby is okay. She is a very special rabbit, and I am sure inspiring. Tammy, I was so excited to go to cross stitch group on Wednesday evening at Lynn's in Madison and have Kathy talk about your visit on Saturday and to show your charts. It was really just so much fun. I would say you have arrived. Nice work in such a short time. Take care and thank you for all your wonderful posts and pics.

  3. A beautiful bag for a beautiful design.
    Can't wait to see the next design. :)
    What a cool Caterpillar.
    Glad little Abby is ok, she looks like she has filled in with her Winter coat.

  4. So nice to see Abby! MotherNature gives us such beautiful gifts to treasure I'm sure the colors around your place are fantastic! Thanks for sharing the barn photos just beautiful! So looking forward to seeing what your working on.....blessings